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Can you guess what it is?


If not, maybe this second picture will help…


Still don’t know? Leave your guesses in the comments, and I’ll post the answer either late Saturday night, or on Sunday. Happy Saturday! 🙂



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36 responses to “Gross

  1. Judging by the second picture, I guess: bacon. Which, in my opinion, is not gross at all but very very tasty… Mmmm I hope it’s bacon!

  2. looks like the chicken skin fat off a cooked chook.

  3. The 2nd shot certainly does look like bacon. So that’s what I’ll go with to. And like Superkimbo – I love bacon. Happy weekend.

  4. I’m not sure…..I’m hoping it’s not food, ’cause the 2nd one looks good enough to eat….the 1st?——that’s gross.

    Mine’s posted

  5. Tee

    A human brain? Fried apples? A gizard? Fat? My own cooking??? My ex-boyfriend’s new girlfried?? Nah, I’m just being silly! I have NO IDEA what it is, but it sure looks gross.

  6. Yep, I think it’s bacon with some disgusting-looking fat on it! At least I hope it’s just bacon and not something worse….

  7. Not sure what it it, but the first one looks nasty!

    Have a good Saturday!

  8. um…..ear wax? lol…..eww…its grossing me out…I have to stop looking

  9. ewwwww..that first one is really gross!

  10. Fried apples? Inside of an apple pie?

  11. Ewwww, bacon fat? Yuck. Although, only the picture is fat, some bacon actually smells good, even if I won’t eat it.

  12. I don’t know if I want you to tell – if it’s food it might not be appealing anymore!

  13. EWWWWWW……looks very GROSS! I’m going to guess bacon also!
    My very first Photo Hunt is HERE, stop by if you can!

  14. Hmmm.. it certainly looks gross, especially the first shot. I agree .. I think it is bacon. (which I LOVE). 🙂

  15. Pat

    Oh, that first photo looks yucky!!!

    I am guessing bacon as well because of the second photo.

  16. Ick! I can’t think of anything but some kind of fat from meat.

    Maybe someone’s lyposuction?

  17. Bacon? Bacon? It’s Bacon!

    Well, if it is Bacon then I say ‘yum’ and not ‘gross’ though that sure explains why it ends up on my hips!

  18. I’m guessing bacon, too!

  19. Bacon is my guess too!

  20. The first pic I was gonna say fat but with that second one I’n gonna have to guess BACON! I’ve got my first SPH up. Check it out!

  21. My first guess was an apple fritter, till I saw your second pic. Now my guess is “bacon.” and that’s my final answer, lol.

    Great gross pic. Have a great weekend,
    Biker Betty 🙂

  22. I’m guessing bacon also, altho it could be a fried wonton or a fritter.

    Great photos.

    Mine is up.

    Happy Saturday!

  23. Hello!
    The 2nd one does look either like bacon or the fat on the edge of a grilled steak….
    The top one kinda looks like the innards of a pecan pie, or apple pie….

    Great pictures!

    Mine’s up…lol….a very different view of Gross, I guess, but it’s there…

  24. It just doesn’t look nice what ever it is and if it’s meat I may turn veggie totally.

  25. The first picture looked like the orange chicken from a chinese restaurant but the 2nd picture didn’t. The second picture looks like bacon. I can tell that the lighting is different with the different angles and if the lighting in the 1st picture was the same as the second picture it would look like bacon too. I’m going to have to stick with bacon.

    I’m a (very) amateur photographer – just learning about this stuff. It’s FUN!

  26. Gosh, it is really gross. The first one looks like it’s sugar being caramelized but the second one I really don’t know. Maybe as what all says, it is bacon.
    Thanks for the visit.

  27. Looks like the apples in apple fritters…

  28. I think it is an apple fritter

  29. Bacon?

    Mine’s up too 🙂

  30. I thought the first looked like a cinnamony-apple mixture, but that wouldn’t fit the “gross” theme. Un;ess maybe you don’t like that. 🙂

  31. EWWWW, that looks so gross! Looks like bacon to me. Mine is up.

  32. srp

    I was thinking this looked like fat of some kind… perhaps bacon as everyone says, although bacon isn’t gross… the fat going to the hips is. Now if I were being really, really gross, I would say it looked like the fat removed from a breast reduction specimen or a tummy tuck… but I won’t.

    Benjamin Franklin (I think) said “There are two certainties (absolutes) in life…. death and taxes.” To this I would have to add a third… “Fat won’t freeze.”

  33. ah yes, now that does look gross. Great way to leave us hanging too! I’m not sure what it is but maybe it’s yummy… LOL

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