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And the Answer Is…

But, before I get to that, I have to tell the story behind it, and why it was gross. First off though, I thought there were some really fun and creative guesses in the comments, great job! 🙂

My husband introduced me to BLTs and just how wonderful they were. I’m sure I had one from time to time growing up, but with my Father’s high cholesterol we didn’t have bacon terribly often, if ever, especially in my older teenage years.

We were craving BLTs, my hubby and I, and I went to the store in search for bacon. I grabbed some bacon on sale and peeked in the windows of the packaging to see how meaty it was. I was impressed, there was a ton of meat on that stuff.

Upon opening said package we were dismayed at the sneaky tactics of the packagers and found that there was more fat than I have ever seen on bacon before, and that says something as there is typically a lot of fat on bacon. 98% fat and 2% meat (if even that much meat) is how I would describe it. Paul tried cooking some up, and the top picture was the result. I would never classify bacon as gross, but as this was just a bunch of curled up fried fat, it was really nasty. It looked nasty and gross too. The second picture I put up because I was playing with the camera and lighting, and I loved the red color and the effect I got after the fact.

So, there is my story, and those of you who guessed bacon are completely right…

Now I need to go get myself some good bacon and have that BLT I never got. 🙂


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