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Bring Back My Lap-top To Me…

My lap-top’s somewhere in Wisconnsin,
Or maybe it’s in Tennesee,
Whereever it is, I do need it,
Oh, bring back my lap-top to me.

(Everyone now)

Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my lap-top to me, to me!
Bring back, bring back,
Oh, bring back my lap-top to me.

I really need my lap-top back. I’m dead in the water without it. It is next to impossible to get any writing done. If I step in to HHH’s office to use the computer then Jacob wrecks havoc in his office. If I close the door then… well, can you imagine closing the door and letting an almost 2 year old have free reign of the house? Exactly, I want to have my house still standing when I am done blogging. Paul is back in school, so when he is home in the evening and the kids are in bed, he is working on the computer (some crazy idea about getting his homework done, can you believe it? Sheesh! heh ). 🙂 The only other time I have is during quiet time when the older kids are at school.

Really the perfect time for writing is then, but then its also the perfect time for folding laundry, cleaning the bathroom, mopping the floor, cleaning my office (hah!),… you get the idea. So, we bow our heads and morn the temporary loss of my lap-top and hope that it gets fixed and sent back… FAST. 🙂 So, if you have noticed my lack of writing, it’s not exactly that I am dealing with writer’s block. More like kid and inconvenience block. heh. 🙂

So, I would love to write more, and work on that story for Karen’s writing games, but I really need to go clean the bathroom before Jacob gets up. Ta-ta for now!


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