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I am posting early this week because we have a busy weekend ahead of us.

There are a number of things that I could have posted, but the first thing I thought of was my son’s heart. February 7-14 is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week, the 14th being Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day. I thought it amazingly appropriate to post a picture of my son, during that time which we were all feeling a bit broken, though joy and healing followed. If you’d like to read about Jacob’s journey you can read the short or the long version, and come back on Wednesday next week for more information about Congenital Heart Defects.

Jacob Surgery

If you have any questions about Congenital Heart Defects, feel free to browse the links on the side bar, they will take you to some great informational resources, or you can also ask me. 🙂  If you take a look at my Heart Walk page you can read the statistics about CHDs too.


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52 responses to “Broken

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  2. Oh my gosh. I went over and read more about Jacob’s journey and I’m being honest when I say I can barely type this for the tears. Seeing this picture opened up so many painful memories for me, too. My oldest son was 8 weeks early and it was quite an emotional roller coaster. I thank God every day for him – he’s heathly and okay (now 14).

    You are so strong and your family are in my prayers. Thank you for sharing Jacob’s story and for informing other parents out there in similar situations. God bless you and your family.

  3. Wow, sweet Jacob’s story leaves me speechless. Bless his heart.

  4. I can only imagine what those days were like for you. In the photo, I must say that, though broken, his strength shines through.

  5. An amazing story – Jacob is such a wonderful gift. You are an amazing family.

  6. What a precious little boy. What a story…
    Thank you for sharing it with others …. makes one appreciate life. Your family is in my prayers.

    Take care

    Retro Girl

  7. Oh, poor little guy… It’s always so difficult to see those small ones being broken!

  8. Pat

    Bravo on being the site of the week for the Photo Hunt! You so deserve it.

    What a story about little Jacob! Thank you very much for sharing. Your family is in my thoughts.

  9. God bless you and your son Jacob!

  10. I glad Jacob is doing much better – what a special boy. Great choice for this week’s theme!

  11. Wow, I’m so glad Jacob pulled through. It must have been a frightening experience for you, but I’m glad for the happy ending. Hope you are all doing great now! Happy Hunting 🙂

  12. What a heartbreaking picture. I’m glad better days followed!

  13. Wow! God is truly great.

    Cheers to all of you for pulling through!

  14. What an amazing story – and an inspiring start to this weeks theme.

  15. In spite of tubes and stitches he has a lovely face. I am sorry for your ordeal. A heart is something that should never be broken.

  16. Sue

    Oh my. What an amazing story of survival. He is such a fighter. It’s a perfect picture for this week’s theme. I’m a firm believer in never going to bed angry and without hugs and kisses.

    You have an amazing little boy.

  17. Woww.. ASO is really complicated surgery… glad that it’s fixed. How’s he thriving?

    CHD week eh? I didn’t even know that.

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  19. Oh WOW. Such a tragedy. Thank God He still is performs miracles. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  20. oh, poor little cute boy. He is so brave and strong!

    Thanks for sharing the photo and the story!

    Take care!


  21. What an amazing picture. He looks so little and you must have been terrified. I read your story and your son and your family are very strong. God bless you all. Thanks for sharing your story and your photo.

  22. Poor little baby so young and so sick ! It’s very touching to see all these tubes in his little body !
    I can imagine the bad times you went through !

  23. Oh my goodness, how scary and heartbreaking.


  24. Again – thank you for sharing Jacob’s story…What a great take on this week’s theme and a wonderful picture of your son.
    Blessings on your weekend and always…

  25. Oh, my — that was a shock at first! Poor guy. As someone else said, though, he seems strong even in his condition. I can’t imagine how hard that would be.

  26. Deb

    Beautiful story; I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face. He’s such a brave, strong little guy, a true fighter and a hero.

    Good luck with your walk this weekend!

  27. Thank you for sharing Jacob’s story; that is indeed a beautiful picture 🙂

  28. wow! what a story.. poor little guy! Thanks for sharing!

  29. JHS

    That’s a difficult picture for any mother to look at. It reminds me of what we went through with my youngest when he was born, minus the scar. He had to stay in the NICU until he was 6 days old because he had aspiration pneumonia. At first, they suspected a heart defect but we got lucky and he was fine after receiving penicillin. He is now 15 1/2.

    Thanks for sharing that photo. It is a reminder to be thankful for our blessings.

  30. srp

    What a miracle baby his is and how great and good God is. Jacob has a special family and his story will touch and reach many over the years… yes, there is something wonderful in store for this handsome young man…

    Congratulations on being the site of the day.

  31. So good to see the happy picture of him in the post about his story after seeing this one of him after surgery. Poor little guy. How wonderful that he is fine, now.

    Great choice for The Hunt!

  32. I have BEEN here. Our grandson had open heart surgery at the age of 5 mos. So, I’ve seen this kinda photo, in person——–and it tears you to pieces!!!!

    My photo for broken is up

  33. What a heartbreaking photo. I am so glad that joy and healing followed. Bless you.

  34. WOW! What a scary scary thing! You just don’t realize how BLESSED you are when you have a HEALTHY child — but YOU surely DO realize how blessed YOU are to have that darling little boy!!! And how blessed that those doctors knew right away what they had to do! This was definitely the perfect choice for todays theme!

  35. Interesting account. It’s so wonderful he made a good recovery. You are truly blessed!

    Nice photo.

    Cheers to you and your family.

  36. Thank you for sharing your picture and story. What a sweet little boy. Blessings to you and your family.

  37. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  38. I can only imagine the tribulations that your family has gone through! Babies are so precious and it is so hard to see them “broken”. Thank you for sharing your story. My picture is meaningless after seeing this one. But, it’s up nonetheless. 🙂
    Have a great Saturday.

  39. I can not imagine the fear that you and your family lived with while your son was so terribly ill. Thank goodness that it all turned out so well.
    You are so right.. we must hug and tell our kids we love them each and every day.

  40. How totally heartbreaking to see this and read about this.

  41. What a precious baby boy. I can’t imagine the emotions you went through during that time, and I’m so happy to hear that he pulled through.

  42. What a beautiful baby. And so calm with all that is going on. He was trusting in you all the way – he knew you were doing your best for him.

  43. Poor fella! I’m glad he’s so much better now.

    Mine’s up too 🙂

  44. OMG… the pics of these poor little babies after surgery are really getting to me..
    I am a weepy mess… I have been crying all week over this stuff…. so heartbreaking… and it brings back such hard memories….

    I guess it is still all too close/real/familiar…whateaver…

    Breaks my heart to see this innocent little babies w/ their special zippers… tubes, wires etc…….

    It’s a tough place to be… the parent of a cardiac child…. so tough…

    I need to go blow my nose and wipe my face.

  45. I, too, have a little Jacob (now 22 years old) who was born with major, multiple heart defects. I haven’t followed your links yet, but I shall.

    Having been there myself, if there is anything I can do to help, please do contact me by email.

    Here’s my Jacob’s story:

  46. Very cute baby! I don’t know if I would have the strength to have those feelings.

    Mine is up finally again. LOL

  47. What a beautiful picture of an intense situation. I’m glad you shared it with us.

  48. It is hard to imagine what it was like for y’all to go through that, but my eyes went almost immediately to Jacob’s tiny fingers intertwined with yours, and I knew that connection was an integral part.

  49. Beautiful and amazing story – Thanks for sharing! Your son is a beautiful boy in every way!

    Hugs for Jacob from Holland

  50. Poor little guy. God bless him.

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