A Little Hot to Trot

It was bound to happen eventually.  With my charming ability to crash, trip, and fall into anything I should be surprised that I made it this long before disaster hit.  Luckily it wasn’t as much of a disaster as it could have been….

 October was upon us and the temperatures were quickly dropping as the frigid air settled in.  Trying to live on a shoe string and cut as many things out of the budget as possible, we decided that we would do without gas heat for as much of the winter as possible, and began our quest for more wood for our wood burning stove.  We actually prayed for wood at one point, worried that we wouldn’t have enough to get through the winter, and our friend had two trees blown over in a terrific wind storm after that.  We teased them that it was our fault, but as one tree had been dead for a few years it gave us lots of wood to burn, and they argued that it needed to come down anyway, and this way they didn’t have to pay for it.

Anyway, I digress.  When we started using the wood stove, Jacob was a real worry, as toddlers and stoves don’t mix to well.  After a day or two  of heart pounding shooing Jacob away from the stove and exclamations of “Hot!” Paul came up with a great idea. 

When Dorothy was born we bought two boxes of those gray baby fence/gate segments.  There are 6 segments in a box and they connect together.  They’re awesome.  We can make an enclosed play area when they are little, or just put pieces of segments across openings to rooms as a fence to help keep kids in or out.  Adults, and even the older kids can easily step/climb over them without too much of a problem (unless you’re me).  So, Paul took about 6 of the pieces and set them up as a permimeter around the danger area to keep Jacob away and out of trouble.  That was it, problem solved….

Last night I had the fire burning brightly and the warmth was filling the kitchen as the children swapped valentines and gorged themselves on enough candy to open a small shop.  I went to check on the fire and see if it was in need of another log.  I lifted my leg to step over the fence and I lost my balance.  In horror I felt myself falling backwards toward the stove.  My arms began flapping as if I was some strange gangly bird trying to take flight and save myself from the impending disaster. I tried all I could do to throw myself forward, but to no avail as my backward momentum was too strong.

 Though the fence was the culprit in the first place, it also helped me out a bit. I was still on the fence and as the plastice bent and fell beneath me it slowed my crash just enough.  As I felt my backside connect with the edge of the stove I was able to rocket off and fling myself to the floor, skidding halfway across to the family room.  The fence spring back up and sat there rocking slightly, laughing, no doubt, at my never ending grace.  I was just glad that I had jeans on and didn’t get burned – at all.

Now, that is what I call being in the “hot seat”.  heh 🙂  And my husband can officially say I am a pain in the rear… hee hee (I didn’t get burned, but that stove is not soft and the bruise will be sure to last at least a week).

Ok, so I want to hear all of the “hot buns” jokes that I know you are thinking of right now…


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6 responses to “A Little Hot to Trot

  1. You are one Hot Mama!
    (it’s lame, but it’s the best I’ve got. I’m not even dressed yet.)

  2. Hey hot stuff :)! (the best I could come up with too). I think you were pretty lucky to just have a bruise on your behind ~ although that must hurt a lot!

    hee hee 🙂 Ya, I was really lucky, I was just glad my back was to it, and not my front – I’m sure I would have ended up using my hands to catch myself, and well…for a pianist/piano teacher that would have been very bad. So I am EXTREMELY grateful. 🙂

  3. Wow Julia! I am getting the feeling that your Guardian Angels must get very tired! May you give them a vacation soon 😉

    ha ha! Paul and I were talking about that last night. 🙂 Between Jacob and I they are really working over time. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh! You and fences just don’t do well together. I’m so glad you are okay (relatively).

  5. I can’t tell you how many times I have tripped over our baby gates. I feel like I am in a steeple chase sometimes but Harry will just not stay out of our kitchen so the gates stay up.

  6. Girl, you are too hot to handle!

    OK, that was lame but hey, it’s after midnight. What do ya want? lol! I’m really glad you didn’t get hurt worse. Although bruises aren’t fun. As I was reading about your experience, I was reliving the numerous times I have tripped over those toddler gates. I also realized that I am far too old to be messing with that stuff again. I just can’t see myself climbing over them like I used to.

    And what nice neighbors you have! You would think they wouldn’t share the firewood from their trees since it was your fault they got blown over in the first place! hehehe! God sure has a sense of humor. Sometimes He answers our prayers in the most unusual ways, huh?

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