This Crazy World in Which I Live

Thursday evening I was breaking out into irrational (well, maybe not too irrational) fits of crying, escorted by moments of sheer frustration, hovering under a cloud of gloom.  All this brought about a migraine that is still lingering from time to time today.  As Friday dawned the day really didn’t seem too much better as I remembered the events of the evening before and was trying to decide if I was feeling sick or not. 

For those of you raising your eyebrows and wondering…”hmmmm… is she pregnant?”  The answer is “no” 🙂 and you can lower your eyebrows now.

You know that item that is prized by a woman higher than almost any other.  That one thing that is forbidden to anyone but the owner.  It hold the innermost workings of a woman’s life and her universe revolves around it.  Your husband would sooner die than look through it, and children ask three or four times to be sure that you really did ask them to search it for a particular item.  Well, someone – some unknown hooligan – has violated that prized item and absconded with it late Tuesday night.  That is the kind of action that if the police don’t get you the lightning will – heh. 🙂

Yup, so for those of you still trying to decipher my strange cryptic rambling, my purse was stolen.  We didn’t discover it’s theft until Thursday night when I was trying to leave to buy diapers at Costco.  We couldn’t find it anywhere.  We searched in, over, under, and through every thing.  I even searched every cupboard and looked in the fridge and freezer – hey, I have kids, and one of them is a toddler, anything is possible – heh.  We couldn’t find it anywhere.  I racked my brain trying to remember when I last used it, and came up with Tuesday night to go get pizza.  The pizza place didn’t have it, and then I remembered that Paul was in a hurry to get to Scouts and I grabbed the pizza and pop and went charging into the house so he could go charging out.  I must have left my purse sitting on the passenger seat in the van.  And that was the end of that.

Friday we spent the entire day closing bank accounts, opening new accounts, cancelling credit cards, flagging numbers left and right, getting a new driver’s licence, and taking lots and lots of advil and praying lots and lots that whoever took my purse doesn’t decide to completely destroy my life.

So, if you wave at me while walking down the road and I don’t wave back, don’t worry it probably wasn’t me….  heh

 *UPDATE:  No less than 10 minutes after I published this post and I was cooking dinner in the kitchen, Paul hollered at me from the office.  In I came running only to find him standing there, holding my purse!  Not my new purse either, but my old one.  We had looked… both of us, at least 3-4 times each underneath the desk.  I was on my hands and knees looking.  Some how (give you ten guesses as to how – he’s short, adorable, and gets into everything) it had gotten shoved under – way, way under ( we are living in my parent’s house while they are on their mission, so to truly understand this, you have to understand that the office is a storage room. The portion we use is tiny, and we have two desks, one infront of the other shoved in there.) the desk.  It was so dark and black under there neither of us could have found it.  So after a weekend of frustration and renewing EVERYTHING the purse was sitting there all the time.  I don’t know whether to give thanks or throw back my head in frustration and howl…

….I am very grateful.  Why do I have the feeling this would ony happen to me…

Oh, and if you wave at me while I am walking down the road and I don’t wave back, it was probably because I biffed it right as you passed.


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11 responses to “This Crazy World in Which I Live

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. I know exactly how you feel … I had my purse stolen a number of years ago. I had never felt that kind of violated feeling before. Not a good feeling, that’s for sure. I hope you are able to iron out all the wrinkles that this caused with little trouble. Grrr, I feel angry for you 😦 !

    Thanks. 🙂 Gee, I feel almost sheepish now, the update will explain everything…

  2. Oh dear I hate it when stuff like that happens. It sucks that you had to go to the trouble of having to renew everything all for nothing. I know what a hassle it is.

    See, it’s nice to know that at least some of my friends are showing me the proper compassion, and not just laughing …. well, at least not so I can hear, erm – see. hehe 🙂

  3. hehehehehe- sorry but it really is funny…. I am not-erm- laughing at you, but with you… only… you… aren’t… laughing…

    Ok, ok I admit that the whole thing would stink the big one, but it also made me laugh out loud, while I am alone (that really doesn’t happen often).


    Ya ya ya . . . heh. 🙂 I’m laughing now, just that shaking head laugh. hee hee

  4. I have had only a small glimpse of what you must have gone through this weekend, and I’m really sorry. (But if it makes you feel any better I’m going to have to go through it twice. My husband has developed a nasty habit of carrying credit cards in his pockets without being in the wallet — lost one last month, and just this weekend said, “have you seen?…” At least you can blame a toddler. What can I say? “boy that soon-to-be-a-father-for-the-second-time-brain sure is doing a number on you!“?!?!?)

    lol! That would be funny, maybe you should just to see what kind of reaction you get out of him. 🙂

  5. I was with you – right up until the update. My purse was stolen from a fast-food place last April. I accidentally left it there and as soon as Karl and I got home I realized I had left it and we rushed right back to the place and it was GONE! We searched our SUV, searched the fast food place, even looked in the garbage. We called the police and as we waited for them to arrive we were on the phone canceling credit and debit cards. I now have a flag on my old driver’s license so if anyone tried to use it the officer will know it was stolen. Of course I have a new one. We have passwords on our bank accounts, new credit cards, etc. Only my purse never did show up. It’s creepy knowing that someone out there could have my personal information including my home address and social security number. It’s even worse being married to a cop who for many years has arrested the scum who steel people’s identities and try to ruin lives.

    Don’t even get me started on how my oldest son’s social security number was being used by an illegal and who’s employer told him “if this isn’t a valid social security number then go and bring me a new one”. We had to take him to the social security office and have them sign and stamp a letter saying that he is the owner of that social security number before he could even get his first job.

    Good thing you didn’t get me started on that one. haha!

    Anyway… glad you found your purse even if you did have to go through all that hassle of changing everything.

    Yikes, Nancy! I can say I know how you feel, except now I can feel relief. The biggest lesson I learned was not to have my Social security card in my purse. I had it in there out of habbit from college days when we needed it and all that. It was just habbit. Never again. I was so panicked. (though, I must say I’m dreading having to call all the proper authorities to say that the purse was found…)

  6. Actually, as I was reading,
    “Thursday evening I was breaking out into irrational (well, maybe not too irrational) fits of crying, escorted by moments of sheer frustration, hovering under a cloud of gloom. All this brought about a migraine that is still lingering from time to time today. ”
    I thought, “You too?”
    Thursday night was a really REALLY bad, emotional night for Jess. I lost control at 3am after finally getting her to sleep. I was irrational and sobbed uncontrollably. I hadn’t had hardly any sleep all week and I was spent. I had a long talk with Jessica the next day about pushing the limits, doing things she knew she wasn’t supposed to be doing and then getting too tired and emotional. It’s just not worth it.

    Fortunately we have both been working hard to make bedtime more pleasant and she has been trying a lot harder to do what she is supposed to do. It’s amazing what a few hours of sleep can do for a person. I was actually up to doing some things today – like going to visit family this evening. 🙂 Maybe… just maybe… we will make it to church sometime soon. Well, I can hope, can’t I?

    I would say you can definitely hope. I am sorry you had such a rotten night Thursday too. Your rotten night makes mine seem like peanuts :). Giving you a big cyber hug. 🙂

  7. Just read your update. Maybe a few giggles on your part, but mostly feel bad for you that you had to go through all that stress for a couple of days! It all sounds like something that would happen to me :)!

  8. Oh my – I was so upset for you – how aggervating. I can imagine having to redo everything and then finding the old one – nice but still frustrating!!!

  9. Ok, now I feel bad… everyone else said such nice things and I laughed at your pain 😉 So, um… I am so sorry that you had to go through that… ya, that sounds pretty good I will go with that one. 😛

    hehe, if it makes you feel any better, If I had read this on your blog I would be bustin’ a gut laughing too. 🙂

  10. Well, I have left my purse behind many times, including on our most recent vacation when I left it in the bathroom of a Chick-Fil-A restaurant and didn’t discover it was missing from the car until we had been driving for half an hour–my husband was ready to leave it behind since there was nothing financial in there, but we ended up going back for it because my point-and-shoot camera was in there and there were irreplaceable photos on it.

    I’ve also left my purse in the car in the driveway overnight countless times, left it in Montreal on another vacation a long time ago, left it in the cart return at Wal-Mart (praise be to honest Wal-Mart employees!) and at the grocery store.

    And this is all me, not even a toddler pushing it where it can’t be seen. I’ve just been so lucky that the kindness of strangers and the endless patience of my husband have allowed me to track it down every time.

  11. I didn’t have my social security card in my purse but the number was on my driver’s license. Remember when the government in all it’s wisdom thought it was a good idea to have your driver’s license # be your social#? ughhh!

    Thanks for the cyber hugs. 🙂

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