Escaping the Winter Duldrums

February is a hard month.  Spring feels like it is on the doorstep, and we are sick of being cooped up and winter.  The kids get antsy to play outside, and the parents are antsy to send them out more to limit the bickering from living in close quarters for a few months.  So, in this state we sat when we got a call from Paul’s Aunt saying that her beach house was available weekend before last.  We were estatic, the perfect getaway from the winter duldrums.  We loaded up the children Friday afternoon after school and by 5:00 we were speeding happily on our way to the coast.

Hotdogs roasted in the fireplace along with s’mores were the order of the night as we huddled together on the couch, warming up with the rest of the house, as we watched a movie.  Morning arrived quickly and with excited kids hopping about we started the events of the day.  There was playing, relaxing, a bit of snooing, some gallavanting, and definitely beach walking.

Our gallavanting took us to Depoe Bay, home of many tourist shops and mouth watering salt water taffy.

Paul and Kids - Depoe Bay

We picked up a flock of seagulls somewhere along the way -heh 🙂

Paul and Kids - Depoe Bay

Kiddos - Depoe Bay

We made sure to stop in at the Whale watching station and learn about the whales that travel the Oregon Coast. We got to watch a reall cool video and the kids were fascinated with the binoculors provided. Though there were no whales to be sighted this time of year, the coast guard was out doing training. It was fun to watch as one boat towed the other across the bar, under the bridge and into the bay.

Coast Guard

Coast Guard

Coast Guard - Depoe Bay

Soon it was lunch time and kids were beginning to rub their eyes so we headed back for lunch, and naps. But, before we had to return home we made sure we headed out to the beach in between rain showers.

Emmy on Neskowin Beach

Elizabeth on Neskowin Beach

Dorothy - Neskowin Beach

Paul & Jacob - Neskowin Beach

Jacob and Susie - Neskowin Beach

Too soon it was time to go back home, but it relieved the cooped in feeling and was a blast. 🙂


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10 responses to “Escaping the Winter Duldrums

  1. A family announced yesterday in church that they are moving to Portland in April. While most were sad to see them leave I was sad because I wished WE were the ones moving to Portland. Then I come to your blog and see the beautiful pictures of your family at the beach. How could you DO THIS TO ME! 😉

  2. What awesome pictures! I love the flock of seagulls that you picked up. hehe… I’m glad you had an opportunity to get out and have some fun. It would be fun to watch the coast guard doing their training, too.

  3. That looks like a wonderful trip, and it sounds like exactly what you needed.

    I’m with ABQ, it’s very envy-inspiring. But we forgive you…

  4. It looks like many of us needed to get out into the fresh air this past weekend! I am glad you had a fabulous trip!

  5. Oh how fun!!! Glad you guys got to get out of the house and relieve the winter blues.. the beach is so wonderful!! I love it! Hope you enjoyed your vacation! I am jealous! lol

  6. Those pictures are ALL excellent!

  7. Looks like a wonderful little getaway! Jacob is getting to be a big boy – looks like he’s grown even since your CHD day pic’s!

  8. That looks like it was so much fun!!! What a neat flock of seagulls! My sister lives in Salem, OR and I think she’s been to the same place you went to. The background of the photos look familiar. I wonder if she sent me photos from there. It looks like lots of fun!

  9. Deb

    Wonderful pictures! Makes me long for the beach. Glad you had a great time!

  10. Glad you had a chance to get away. Heh, one of your seagulls has four wings. 😉

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