All Grown Up

We had been debating it for ages – how to cut Jacob’s hair and how short.  It was getting long again, and the curls in the back were getting unmanagable.  Unruly, matted and tangled as soon as the poor tyke woke up. 

I was working on the computer, I don’t quite recall what I was doing.  After a while I emerged from the office to prepare dinner.  Where’s Paul? I wondered as I walked back to the bedroom to see if I could find him.  I walked into our bathroom and there they were.  Jacob sitting happily on the counter with a pile of hair around him – Paul shears in hand.  Jacob looked at me and I nearly choked, his hair was so SHORT! Paul had used an 8 guard, but it was still really short.  The lack of hair wasn’t really what got to me, but the fact that he didn’t look like a baby anymore.  He all of a sudden looked so grown up.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the two boys and the hair cutting, which I was really dissapointed about, but I did get the bath after pictures, and some others.

Bath Time!

Doesn’t his special zipper look fabulous? The surgeon really did such a great job. 🙂

Bath Time! 2

Now those too look so much alike it’s almost scary! 🙂

Jacob Hair Cut

I just love this photo for some reason – he looks so cute and funny eating on the wrong end of his fork.

Jacob Eating Dinner

Jacob loves to hide from us and play peek-a-boo. He’ll squeal, “Where go?” and dive under blankets or anything else, but will allways peek to see if you are watching.

Jacob Hiding

That’s my boy! A true book lover at heart! 🙂

Jacob Loves to Read

Isn’t he adorable and look so grown up now? But, I must confess, I do miss those curls. 🙂 (We might let it grow just long enough to start to curl before we chop it off again.)


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13 responses to “All Grown Up

  1. Oh, he’s cute without the curls, don’t worry! Oh, and I really like the fork picture too. He has a look of concentration on him that just makes it. 😉

  2. I agree with the fork picture… by far the best one of the bunch 🙂

    M had curls, till I cut them off once and they never grew back… sad.

  3. I recently cut my son’s hair…being a hairdresser it drives me nuts when it gets bad-looking. Once it was done I did a big GULP because it was short and it’s so blonde…he almost looked bald, it almost made him look younger. Didn’t drive me nutso anymore though. Kids hair is hard with the tangles because the keratin doesn’t harden like adult hair so the cuticles stick together easier. The best thing to do is not use Johnsons poo because the PH balance of that is SUPER high, like a 9 instead of a 5. It opens the cuticles and makes it worse. Try a shampoo that’s PH between 4.5-5.5 like DermaMed (in a health-food store…it’s amazing stuff!) and it should help some of those tangles. I wonder why kids are made that way…to get those silly tangles. Very cute boy btw!

  4. He’s simply adorable…
    and that special zipper looks great!


  5. He sure does look more grown up! But still such a cutie :)!

  6. I was looking at these pictures on Flickr a little earlier today, and all I could think was 1) how grown up he is now, and 2) man! Jacob got a lot of Paul in him!

    I’m impressed by the “zipper”. I think I only noticed it because you pointed it out to me. Heh.

  7. WOW! He looks so different! Like he aged several years overnight!

    I didn’t even notice his zipper until you mentioned it (at which point I thought, “huh? zipper?” and looked around the tub toys to see if one was a zipper until I remembered to look at his chest!). The surgeon really did do a GREAT job!

    CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!!! 😀

  8. Deb

    He’s gorgeous! You’re right, he doesn’t look like a baby anymore.

  9. What wonderful pics! Jacob looks sooooo cute with his new do! Paul looks quite proud with his little man – they do look a lot alike.

  10. It’s always scary to give that first haircut. Will got his first haircut at 10 months old, and it’s been short ever since. I’m thinking this is the summer that he gets the surfer dude hairstyle. Sadly though none of my children have had curls.

  11. What a cute little guy! I would cry if my husband cut off Harry’s curls. I am planning on taking him to a professional to get his hair cut when the time comes so that they in their expertise will hopefully be able to preserve the curls.

  12. Oh he looks so handsome!!! What a big boy! He looks exactly like his daddy. Love the special zipper as well, the surgeon did a VERY good job! You can barely tell it’s there, and even then you have to look REALLY hard! Looks great!

  13. He looks so handsome and sooo grown up!! I was a big fan of those curls, so I can see how you will miss them 🙂

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