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A Toddler’s Secret to the Universe

Jacob has figured out that chairs make you taller.  Why, with a chair you can reach up to answer the kitchen phone and make lots of noise on it and babble like crazy while mommy is trying to talk.  A chair can unlock the great mysteries of what lies beyond- or above as the case may be.  A chair is the answer to a toddler’s universe as he unlocks the secrets of the treasures that lie in wait upon the counter top.  Brownies need not be out of reach  any longer, they are in full grasp of tiny hands and devouring mouths.

The little hooligan finished off 1/3 –  ONE THIRD of a pan (9×13) of brownies sitting on the counter this morning.  That is a LOT of brownie for a minnie man his size.  I think he found some graham crackers somewhere too because it looked like he had rolled in them. 

The worst thing about this situation?

I have to clean up the mess.

Well, maybe that is second worst.  First worst would be that I don’t get eat any brownies…  🙂

Brownie Shenanigans 1

Brownie Shenanigans 2

“Who me? What makes you think I got into any brownies?”
Brownie Shenanigans 3

“No, I think he went that way…”
Brownie Shenanigans 4


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