A Toddler’s Secret to the Universe

Jacob has figured out that chairs make you taller.  Why, with a chair you can reach up to answer the kitchen phone and make lots of noise on it and babble like crazy while mommy is trying to talk.  A chair can unlock the great mysteries of what lies beyond- or above as the case may be.  A chair is the answer to a toddler’s universe as he unlocks the secrets of the treasures that lie in wait upon the counter top.  Brownies need not be out of reach  any longer, they are in full grasp of tiny hands and devouring mouths.

The little hooligan finished off 1/3 –  ONE THIRD of a pan (9×13) of brownies sitting on the counter this morning.  That is a LOT of brownie for a minnie man his size.  I think he found some graham crackers somewhere too because it looked like he had rolled in them. 

The worst thing about this situation?

I have to clean up the mess.

Well, maybe that is second worst.  First worst would be that I don’t get eat any brownies…  🙂

Brownie Shenanigans 1

Brownie Shenanigans 2

“Who me? What makes you think I got into any brownies?”
Brownie Shenanigans 3

“No, I think he went that way…”
Brownie Shenanigans 4


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13 responses to “A Toddler’s Secret to the Universe

  1. I have learned that in this house, anything that I don’t want eaten must be locked into my Laundry Room. The last sanctuary of child free zones… On top of the refrigerator? Never! Treats here are now kept under lock and key! hehe 😉

  2. Boy knows what’s good for him!

  3. Deb

    Wait till he learns how to open the fridge! My oldest once did that in the middle of the night when he was a toddler. The next morning we found an empty pizza box on the floor, several pieces missing a bite. The culprit was found in his toddler bed, sauce smeared on his face.

    Jacob looks so cute in those pictures!

  4. What a smart little boy! Evan loves carrying around his stool which he uses to get into many different things. Luckily it is not tall enough for him to get into too much trouble.

  5. This post had me giggling the whole time I was reading it :0) … for two reasons … it’s so cute & funny and also because Dominic is into doing the exact same thing. After a while we usually end up putting his little plastic chairs up out of reach (like on the washer, for example), but he’s been known to push his little table over to the counter and climb on up to explore! Where there’s a will, there’s a way :)!

  6. Those pictures are adorable! I’m glad I didn’t have to clean it up, though!!

  7. So cute! But you’ve got a climber, so beware! Do not believe that anyplace is safe! Jacob reminded me of my older son when he discovered the chair–wih umteen containers of strawberry freezer jam setting on the table. How many did he break into? Enough to make him quite sick! At least it wasn’t anything poisonous–but the next time he climbed…


  8. Well, the photos were worth it anyway! (Okay, that’s the photography enthusiast in me speaking.) But otherwise, I’d be mourning the lost brownies, too. 😉

  9. How funny!!! What a clever little guy!!! He knows where the good stuff is!

    And on a totally random sidenote, that teacup on your counter with the ivy design– Nathan’s Mom has a plate/bowl set with that design. She wanted the teacups but whichever store sold them said that they were discontinued or something so we went hunting at DI’s for hours and hours looking for that design of teacups! We found 7 and spent a whopping $1.65 to buy them! We were so excited!!

    So YOU’RE the one with the 8th teacup!!! 😉

    lol! Yes I’M the one with the 8th teacup! heh 🙂 We got that design when we were married as a wedding gift, and I just loved it. It is Corell, so though not fancy, terribly duable. We love it, and if they are discontinued, it makes me very sad. Good for you on getting them for such a steal! 🙂

  10. Christine Walsh

    What a little problem-solver you have! Those pictures are so perfect, very funny:). Someone looks pretty happy after finishing their yummy treat!

  11. Ahhhh haaaa…
    that’s precious…. love that little munchkin face…
    and yes… it would be a tragedy to not eat the brownies!!

    I would love it if my little guy would eat SOMETHING…
    I couldn’t even bribe him w/ a brownie!

  12. Boys and climbing, it’s sure to make me go gray before 30!!! Love the new layout!

  13. Just popped by and found a new template. Has Goofy been banished forever, or is it just an experiment?

    heh 🙂 No, goofy is far from banished.. in fact I hope my bro is working on a stellar graphic for me to put on my header at some point. Actually, I was experimenting and I forgot to change my template back last night. The pic seemed to fit my somewhat melancholly mood… I think I will put it to rights now.

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