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A week or so ago I realized, much to my horror and dismay, that I had become that frumpy housewife that we all try so hard to avoid. It all started with the hair thing. I wasn’t aloud to do my hair, well, at least not put any product in it at all. If I couldn’t do my hair, there was no point in doing my make up – I’d look like some backwards alien with a made up face and disheveled hair. And since I wasn’t going to do any of that, then why bother dressing up, or even looking nice. For someone who can’t style hair, etc. the reasonable answer is to hang out in comfy clothes, you know sweats, pajamas, you get the idea.

The first day was rather freeing actually, I had so much more time after my shower, and I got to feel comfy ALL day. But after a while, and with out realizing it, I began to hide inside, and be embarrased if I got caught running errands at the store because I truly looked frumpy. But worse than looked it, I FELT it, and it drove me nuts. My house even began to get away from me a bit, funny how that happens.

Then I woke up one morning and thought to myself, “This is silly. There has to be some way you can do your hair and look nice without lathering it with moose.” (I had tried using moose again at one point and it worked fine for a few days, but then my scalp began to rebell again). So, I showered, cut down the Amazon growing on my legs (heh), lathered my self in yummy smelling lotion and blow dried my hair. All the time previous I hadn’t bothered, I had just let it air dry, ending up looking like a limp mop hanging about my head. After I was done drying it I was amazed to see that it settled very nicely, with some body and wasn’t limp or sticking out everywhere. I brushed it and tucked the short strands behind my ears. I had a stylish short layered cut that if I didn’t flip it out, it turned in and looked rather sophisticated. Then, I did my make-up and I looked even better (if I don’t I tend to look like I just rolled out of bed a few minutes ago, heh).

Suddenly I wasn’t feeling so frumpy anymore and I put on a pair of jeans and a nice blouse, and jewlery even. I felt GOOD! And, I got a lot more done that day too, not to mention I began to feel better, and when I stepped out to the store I stepped out with confidence.

I have even dressed up on days for NO good reason… heh. 🙂 (I do still relax and get comfortable from time to time, but I avoid the dumps of the frumps.)

So, I guess my point is, is that instead of giving up (like I did momentarily on my hair and all that) there is always a solution. We just have to find it. 🙂


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Bring Back My Lap-top To Me…

My lap-top’s somewhere in Wisconnsin,
Or maybe it’s in Tennesee,
Whereever it is, I do need it,
Oh, bring back my lap-top to me.

(Everyone now)

Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my lap-top to me, to me!
Bring back, bring back,
Oh, bring back my lap-top to me.

I really need my lap-top back. I’m dead in the water without it. It is next to impossible to get any writing done. If I step in to HHH’s office to use the computer then Jacob wrecks havoc in his office. If I close the door then… well, can you imagine closing the door and letting an almost 2 year old have free reign of the house? Exactly, I want to have my house still standing when I am done blogging. Paul is back in school, so when he is home in the evening and the kids are in bed, he is working on the computer (some crazy idea about getting his homework done, can you believe it? Sheesh! heh ). 🙂 The only other time I have is during quiet time when the older kids are at school.

Really the perfect time for writing is then, but then its also the perfect time for folding laundry, cleaning the bathroom, mopping the floor, cleaning my office (hah!),… you get the idea. So, we bow our heads and morn the temporary loss of my lap-top and hope that it gets fixed and sent back… FAST. 🙂 So, if you have noticed my lack of writing, it’s not exactly that I am dealing with writer’s block. More like kid and inconvenience block. heh. 🙂

So, I would love to write more, and work on that story for Karen’s writing games, but I really need to go clean the bathroom before Jacob gets up. Ta-ta for now!


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And the Answer Is…

But, before I get to that, I have to tell the story behind it, and why it was gross. First off though, I thought there were some really fun and creative guesses in the comments, great job! 🙂

My husband introduced me to BLTs and just how wonderful they were. I’m sure I had one from time to time growing up, but with my Father’s high cholesterol we didn’t have bacon terribly often, if ever, especially in my older teenage years.

We were craving BLTs, my hubby and I, and I went to the store in search for bacon. I grabbed some bacon on sale and peeked in the windows of the packaging to see how meaty it was. I was impressed, there was a ton of meat on that stuff.

Upon opening said package we were dismayed at the sneaky tactics of the packagers and found that there was more fat than I have ever seen on bacon before, and that says something as there is typically a lot of fat on bacon. 98% fat and 2% meat (if even that much meat) is how I would describe it. Paul tried cooking some up, and the top picture was the result. I would never classify bacon as gross, but as this was just a bunch of curled up fried fat, it was really nasty. It looked nasty and gross too. The second picture I put up because I was playing with the camera and lighting, and I loved the red color and the effect I got after the fact.

So, there is my story, and those of you who guessed bacon are completely right…

Now I need to go get myself some good bacon and have that BLT I never got. 🙂


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Can you guess what it is?


If not, maybe this second picture will help…


Still don’t know? Leave your guesses in the comments, and I’ll post the answer either late Saturday night, or on Sunday. Happy Saturday! 🙂


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Rogue Crocodile

The house was filled with squeals of terror last night when a crocodile somehow managed to make it into our living room. Honestly, I didn’t even realize that crocodiles inhabbit Oregon. I mean, we have the wet down pretty well, but not the warm…especially not right now. There have been a few rare cases though of crocodiles some how getting out of their normal habitat. In the early years between 75-85 we had frequently sightings of a vicious crocodile on our little farm where grew up in Pennsylvania…maybe it liked our pond. Though from personal experience, I can say it was not that great for swimming.

Anyway, back to our rogue crocodiles, there was also a female crocodile that attacked a family here in our little town rather frequently back in my highschool days. Rather a strange phenomenon, if you ask me.

So, last night, sure enough, lumbering around our living room was a giant crocodile trying to gobble up each of our rather reluctant children. Honestly, I was a little preoccupied with dinner, and their squeals sounded so charming, I left them to the whims of the beast. I have it on good authority, however, that those kids of mine managed to wrestle that croc over on his back, and just gobbled him right up.

You go girls!…and Jacob too. 🙂

If you are so completely confused about my cryptic post, this might help clear it up.


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CHD Awareness Week is Coming

CHD Awareness Week is approaching once again and a very hard working heart mom in our area has been able to get the CHD Awareness Proclamation signed for the state of Oregon, woohoo! 🙂 So it’s officially official. She is organizing for a group of us to meet (on the 12th) with the governer with our children for a short spot to have some photos taken and maybe some news coverage in an effort to raise more awareness. We are all really excited, and hope it goes well. Our Heart Walk is fast approaching too, May 19, so I need to get my act together and start getting things organized. 🙂


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Maybe It’s Time to Potty Train

None of my children have ever potty trained at an early age, and yes, I consider 2 to be an early age. Elizabeth and Dorothy were so close in age that they kind of fed off each other and seemed to take forever to get the hang of the toilet thing. Emily was almost trained at just over 2 1/2 when Jacob was born and that threw a wrench into that business.

Jacob, however, has been a surprise to me. For quite a long time he has told us when his diaper is stinky (none of my girls really ever did that) and lately he tells me his diaper is stinky when he has just wet it. Today however was a great breakthrough that makes me think it is time to dig that potty chair out of the chaos of our garage.

I was sitting in my chair reading (I have a nasty horrible cold, thank you Jacob, and decided to be lazy and rest in hopes of making it go away sooner) when the little tyke came up to me and patted me on the leg. “I stinky” he said as I looked up from my book.

His face was red and somewhat strained, no question as to the business he was working on right then.

“Did you go stinky?” I asked as the strong aroma floated my way.

“Yes,” he says and points to his bottom. “Stinky.”

It was the first time he has ever told me before/during the act. I know it is a little silly to blog about, but all of you moms who have gone through the trial of potty training, will appreciate my joy, as I think he might be ready, before I even imagined. Once he is trained it will be the first time in 8 years that I haven’t had a kid in diapers. WOOHOO! (Now, that is a cause for celebration, if ever I heard one. Bring on the potty!)


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