Daily Archives: March 7, 2007

I’m Ba-ack

I know, I kow, you were all probably thinking, “just when we’ve seen the last of her…” with a big sigh of relief, I come on and spoil your blissful revery. 🙂  heh.  I think everyone, including me is better again – finally.

By the time Saturday hit I ended up with a fever that lasted three days, Dorothy had an ear infection and everyone else was still trying to recover.  Monday night things finally took a turn and we’ve all been feeling much better, with a few lingering coughs. 

Spring is spiringing and the yard is peppered with daffies and crocuses, we even had glorious sunshine the last two days, and yesterday everyone was feeling well enough we made a late afternoon outing to the park in the warm sunshine.

park 5

Park 4

Park 2

Park 3

Park 1

So, kids are well, I am better, spring is here (though today it is raining), and my lap-top is back. Could life get any better?  Well…..  maybe I should go bake some brownies (and hide them this time).


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