Lasting Effects of the Purse Escapade

We all know what happened with purse escapade -and if you don’t and want to know, you can read about it here.

By the time the purse was found, where only a toddler could manage to shove the thing, accounts were closed, new accounts opened, new drivers licence obtained, and new credit cards ordered.  We found ourselves with no checks (they were on order), no debit card (they were being mailed to us) and no credit cards (also being mailed to us) for the better part of a week.  Well, ok, we had a few checks as they give you a few complimentary checks upon opening a new account to tide you over while you order new checks.  They got us through the first week fine and we felt we were on top of the world when our credit cards arrived Friday.  Then, Saturday, to great choruses of Hallelujah, the debit cards arrived. Now I just needed the pin number which they send seperately.  No problem, should arrive Monday. 

Saturday I proceeded to activate my credit card and then I took my debit card off it’s paper to put in a safe place until the pin number arrived. 

Monday came and so did my pin-number. Estatic and full of glee I went to get my debit card and activate it.  It wasn’t there. In fact it wasn’t anywhere on Paul’s desk, my desk or either office.  It wasn’t in my purse or in my wallet.  Once again a very frustrating search took place.  Even more frustrating because we knew it had to be here somewhere.  Finally we decided I either put it in a really safe place (never to be found again) or Jacob ran off with it when we weren’t looking (also never to be found again).  I didn’t want to call the bank AGAIN so I decided just to tough it out.  The checks would hopefully arrive soon.  An entire week passed by.  The complimentary checks had long since run out, leaving me with no checks and no debit card, only a credit card which I was loathe to use.

Finally the following Monday the checks arrived.  I was in business now, at least not feeling so estranged from our bank account anyway.

Tuesday was busy and chaotic.  Trying to get ready for an appointmet and for volunteering at the school. I was hopping down the hall trying to pull on my last sock when Emily nonchalantly walks up to me.

“Here, I found this,” she hands me a thin plastic card and walks off.

To my amazement I realize I am holding the lost debit card, activation sticker still in place.

“Wait, where did you find it?” I called quizically.

“Oh,” she replied like it was an every day occurance,”In the bin with all the train pieces.”

I gave whoop, twirled her through the air, and called her my little hero.  To Jacob I gave a whoop twirled him through the air and called him my little rapscallion, because no matter what kind of safe place I might have thought of to stick it, I never would have put it there.



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5 responses to “Lasting Effects of the Purse Escapade

  1. That’s so funny! (now, of course, and because it’s not me.)

    It reminds me of our ING pins, which came and I dutifully filed them away in a very safe place. Unfortunately I didn’t activate them first, and couldn’t find them in the very safe place so I couldn’t do anything with my account (not like I had much to put away, anyway.) When I finally did find them in the very same safe place I had looked so many times before, our home phone number had changed and I couldn’t activate them. (Luckily, the customer service people at ING are all angels and I got the problem fixed.)

  2. What! You don’t keep all your sensitive things in the bin with all the trains? It seems like that would be the last place that a robber would look when robing your house lol

  3. hehehehe, you remind me of why I have one room (laundry room) where the door stays locked at all times! Child proof has no meaning with a toddler in the house!

  4. Sheesh! I’m so sorry, and really a lot more because today we spent an hour trying to find a receipt. The receipt for the Lasik so we can prove to the Flex Spending account that we used the money on an actual medical procedure and not just a new furniture set or something. After picking up the house, organizing around the computer and cleaning up the kitchen we still can’t find it! We’re hoping if we stop looking we’ll find it. If not we can still just call the dr’s office and have them make a copy but your right it’s totally irritating to put something in a “safe” place and then turn around that it wasn’t as safe as you thought it was.

  5. Oh my gosh! So many entries to catch up on. All I can say to this is, “I hate it when that happens!”

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