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Cardiology Appointment

Jacob also had his cardiology check-up today.  I know, we are such mean parents, making him go see the cardiologist on his birthday.  He didn’t seem to mind to much though.


He was even pretty good through his Echo. He wasn’t too sure about things at first, so they had Paul hold him. But he adjusted pretty quickly and didn’t protest too much when they had paul lay him down. He even got to watch a fun movie. 🙂


Everything looks super they said. He has a slightly leaky aortic valve, which they said is very normal for Transposition patients. They also said that it isn’t something that looked progressive, so it causes no concern and there is no reason to hold him back physically at all (like we could even if we wanted to, heh). The next cardiology appointment doesn’t have to be until he is 4 years old – whoopee! 🙂

We did, however, ask the cardiologist about Jacob’s incision site. There is a recurring pimple that always come back in the same place. It never drains on its own – just gets red and puffy, until I gently press on it and all the gunk comes out. We just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a problem. The cardiologist called in the surgeon and we explained what was happening and showed him the site. He told us it is somewhat common and probably what is happening is there is a cyst or small cavity near the wires. So they will schedule us for a day procedure to sedate Jacob and take care of that. There is no major concern, but it just isn’t a good idea to leave a possible infection site alone, especially when it keep recurring. So we should have that all scheduled by the end of the week.

All in all, things are gowing super well and he is a healthy happy little guy. 🙂

Oh, and to make up for his birthday visit to the cardiologist we took him out to lunch.  I think he forgave us over the brownie and icecream. 🙂


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Happy Birthday Jacob

Jacob is a whopping two years old today! Time sure passes quickly, it’s hard to believe he is two already.  We had his birthday celebration on Sunday afternoon.  We are very close to a family whose daughter is 10 years old and loves horses.  She had a large stationary horse that you could sit on, and play on and she decided, after a visit Jacob had made and how much he loved that horse, that she wanted to give it to him for his birthday.  So here is darling Cowboy Jacob – cheesing at the camera (its so adorable the way he says “cheeeeese” every time a camera appears.

Cheesey Cowboy 2

He wasn’t too sure what to make of the boots, however…

How do you get these things off

He knew all about the presents though. He had no qualms about grabbing a present, plopping it in the middle of the floor and diving in. 🙂

Jacob Presents 2

Each child in the past has received a special beanbag from us, imagine our delight when we were able to find a horse one for Jacob

Jacob Beanbag

Then it was time for cake – I decided to keep with the cowboy/horse theme and I made a horse head cake:

Horse Head Cake

Figuring out what to do with the candles was a bit harder for him to do, he kept looking at me like, “I thought I wasn’t supposed to get near fire” and then he would point to the flame and proudly proclaim, “HOT!” We finally got him convinced that he could blow them out though.

Blow baby Blow!

“Now that that’s done, let’s get down to business.”

Let's Get Down to Business

“Hey, whatcha doin’? Get that cake back here!”

Give that Back!


MmMm Good

“So, have you got any more over there for me?”

Cake Face

And one last cheesey cowboy photo to wrap it all up (He’s just so dang cute!):

Cheesey Cowboy 1

Happy Birthday Little Buddy! 🙂

Not even Superman can fill my Boy’s Boots!

Superman Boots


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