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Adventures in Shoes

I have owned and loved the same pair of black clog-type shoes for at least four+ years.  They were well broken in, casual, and yet dressy at the same time (though not dressy enough for a dress, slacks and things though did great with them). 

 I slipped my feet into them Tuesday morning before we took off to the cardiologist and thought, sadly, that I felt them wearing through a bit.  I thought nothing more about it until we were on our way home.  Paul was driving and I was in the passenger seat.  I moved my foot and felt it pinch a bit, which was rather odd.  I took of the shoe and to my amazement they were so worn that they had finally torn all the way through the sole.  The rip started at the side and went about halfway across the shoe.  I was amazed I had never noticed.  So it was new shoe time for me.  Again I was going for that casual look that was dressy enough to look good with slacks, etc.  I decided to be brave and go with something a little different than the typical almost flat, loafer look I usually go for.  I found these on a great sale:

New Black Shoes

On closer inspection of my brown shoes, which I’ve owned just about the same ammount of time, I found a similar problem occuring and so replaced those as well when I found these on sale.  They are somewhat similar to the black shoes, and I thought they were super cute.

New brown shoes

So for a person who has never carried much interest in shoes (dare I admit that), or maybe I should just say for a shoe geek (ie. someone who knows nothing about shoes), how did I do?

Oh, and Karen, help! I found these terribly difficult to photograph and finally settled on the red background for lack of anything else that was working (arranging them was terrible too). I’m not sure I like the way they turned out. Any suggestions? (the rest of you can give suggestions too) 🙂


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