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Spring is Springing

Last week I posted photos of some of our first daffodils and crocuses and the kids playing in the park.  This morning I can’t resist, as the the sun rises and the first rays streem through my office window (nearly blinding me in the eye, heh) to post some of the photos I took yesterday.  We have more of our unique daffies blooming now and our ornamental plum trees are in full bloom. For those of you still in full winter, I am sorry if this makes you to jealous…I suppose you can always live vicariously through my photos.  heh 😉

Yellow and orange daffodil

Yellow and orange daffodil close up

White frill daffodil 2

white and orange faffodil

This next daffoldil is my absolute favorite. Last spring, before I had entered the digital camera world, I desperately wanted to post a photo of it when I wrote this post.

Frilly Daffodil 2

And now for one of my favorite features of spring:

Ornamental Plum Tree 5

Ornamental Plum Tree 10

Ornamental Plum Tree 4

Ornamental Plum Tree 1

Happy Spring Everyone!


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