Spring is Springing

Last week I posted photos of some of our first daffodils and crocuses and the kids playing in the park.  This morning I can’t resist, as the the sun rises and the first rays streem through my office window (nearly blinding me in the eye, heh) to post some of the photos I took yesterday.  We have more of our unique daffies blooming now and our ornamental plum trees are in full bloom. For those of you still in full winter, I am sorry if this makes you to jealous…I suppose you can always live vicariously through my photos.  heh 😉

Yellow and orange daffodil

Yellow and orange daffodil close up

White frill daffodil 2

white and orange faffodil

This next daffoldil is my absolute favorite. Last spring, before I had entered the digital camera world, I desperately wanted to post a photo of it when I wrote this post.

Frilly Daffodil 2

And now for one of my favorite features of spring:

Ornamental Plum Tree 5

Ornamental Plum Tree 10

Ornamental Plum Tree 4

Ornamental Plum Tree 1

Happy Spring Everyone!


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9 responses to “Spring is Springing

  1. GORGEOUS! We have skipped spring and gone straight to summer… at least temperature-wise. I love to see everything blooming. It’s kind of wierd to live in the desert and not see as much this year. Oh well. What does bloom is beautiful.

  2. Everything is getting ready to open up here… I LOVE SPRING!

  3. So pretty! I will definitely have to live vicariously through you, GoofyJ … at least for a little while! We have had very mild temps all week but today it started snowing :(! Blllaaaaahhhhhh! Enjoy your beautiful flowers!

  4. Beautiful….
    How are you girl?????

    Yes, it’s getting springy here… well.. I think we’ve jumped right into summer down here… hot hot already…
    but oh, the allergies!

  5. We skipped spring too! I hate it when that happens.

    I love your flowers and especially the blossoms! GORGEOUS! Your daffodils look like you took the pictures out of a magazine or something. How lucky you are to have them right in your own yard. (and not have them dry up because you live in the desert like mine did several years ago. lol!) Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  6. Wow! That’s amazing. And so much prettier than my snow and dog crap covered back yard.

  7. Christine

    Incredible photos! I am a little envious of your beautiful weather. Still 0 degrees and some snow where I am.

    Your camera really does take beautiful photos with so much detail!

  8. The ornamental plum trees are blooming all over town here! Still waiting for our cherry trees and ornamental japanese cherry tree to bloom! You have such cool daffodils, my hubby believe in only the pure yellow ones. A theory I’ll have to share with you another day.

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