Real Moms

Gee, I got tagged by two different people on this one April and Sariah in Vancouver– makes me feel special.  Garsh! 🙂  Anyway….

Real Moms act more like kids than adults most of the time (and when they say “oh grow up” they really don’t mean it…) 


Real moms say “Arr! You best be doin’ them dishes or I be splittin’ yer gullet.” (okay, well maybe not, but it is a lot more interesting  than, “is that dishwasher unloaded YET???”) 

I tag Deb, Stephanie, Tracy, Christine, Terri, Awesome Mom, Nancy, and anyone else who wants to play that I forgot to list. 🙂  Tell us what real moms do and post a pic to go with it.  Link back here if you do it, I want to see what you come up with.

P.S. Karen has a portrait of me up on her blog! lol!  🙂 (of course she didn’t post that with me in mind, but I was quite taken aback when I saw the striking resemblance). Okay, I have to quit laughing or I’ll fall off my chair.  heh


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14 responses to “Real Moms

  1. Oh my heck, I love it!! I especially love that you are standing on the couch!!! lol Awesome! Thanks for playing! 🙂

    Arrr… that’s no couch – that be the Jolly Roger! Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha! Saavy?

  2. Hee well I already beat you too it but thanks for the tag any way.

  3. Oh by the way you look smashing in an eye patch. I think that should be the new fashion trend.

  4. OH WOW!!!! You are amazing! Not to mention agile! LOL! You are having so much fun with your kids… I had to laugh out loud!

    AND… you tagged me. THANKS! hehe… I’ll have to think about it for a bit. I don’t have any picture with ME in them since I’m the photographer at my house… but maybe I can work something out.

  5. ALSO… I tag YOU with the “My 3 Songs If All Other Music DIED”

    Now we both have homework. hehe…

  6. Aar, mateys! It’s the scarf you’ve got to watch out for! (Actually, I should have a photo with a pirate eyepatch somewhere…)

  7. Hey, I just found out I was tagged by April, too, so I did a post on my photography blog.

    By the way, I just got a weird sense of deja vu. If I’m correct, this comment won’t post properly.

    Now I am all curious by your deja vu – was a rogue pirate trying to abscond with your comment? Anyway looks like his scurvy plot failed (unless something is missing, since I can’t read your thoughts – heh) :).

    I have to say that your real moms post rocks and I love the potato. I have found Star Wars potatoes, but my collection has been devoid of pirate potatoes – I think I know what I’ll have to find Jacob for Christmas – heh 🙂

  8. Love the pic–and the game! We are real pirate fans at our house [Thank you, Jack Sparrow] and have done a pirate themed bedroom [perhaps if I ever learn how to post pics…] and pirate themed Trunk or Treat. Ye can’t go wrong with a treasure chest and a bottle o’ “rum”!

  9. What great memories you are giving to your kids. Hats off to you. Thanks for sharing. have a great weekend.

  10. I will deffinately have this one saved up for tomorrow, since I am already working on today’s post. Hmmm I have some good ideas for this one.

  11. Deb

    Hehe. Ya’ll look so cute! I’ll have mine up soon! 🙂

  12. Hey! I wanna play too! You are having way too much fun there!

  13. I love the picture! I like how your little one is sneaking up from behind to shiv you in the kidney! Ahh, kids…gotta love ’em!

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