Jacob’s Mini Surgery

Jacob’s little mini surgery to invistigate the re-occurring pimple that wouldn’t drain on its own along his incision line was today and went really well.  The surgeon (same as performed his actual heart surgery) made a small incision at the top of his previous site.  A small cavity was discovered, though not irritated by any loose wires (from when they wired his chest shut), the surgeon actually didn’t know what caused the cavity/sinus tract, so we were especially glad to get it cleared up.  He cleaned out the tissue in that area down to his sternum, pulled the surrounding tissue together and stitched him back up.  The whole process only took about 45 minutes.  He mentioned that the portion of bone he saw looked really good and firm, and the rest of his sternum felt solid as well.  So, great marks from our surgeon for Jacob.

Recovery went well though it did take a while for his  oxygen to climb up to where it needed to be as he had a cold over the weekend and had gunk in his lungs. It took him one throw up and a number of good hearty coughs before the numbers climbed into the higher 90s where they belonged (they wanted to hang out at 88-90) He is now home and happy playing in the family room with his trucks and sleepy papa.  Now we just need to keep the site clean (maybe an inch long, if even that) and dry for a couple days and watch for signs of infection.  It hurts him some, but doesn’t seem to cause him a lot of pain and he is largely ignoring it.

Here’s our little man hanging out with his new found friend from the hospital after the surgery was over – he’s still a bit out of it.  He chose that dog from the pile of animals and promptly named it “Susie” after our dog at home. I don’t think he has let it out of his sight since. 🙂

Hanging out with his new friend after surgery

Now he is a little more awaking and getting his blood pressure taken while munching on a delicious orange popsicle. You can see that the incision the surgeon had to make this time was very small – this really was a very minor surgery.

Blood pressure and popsicle time!

Of course, minor or not, it doesn’t keep you from stressing out while he is in there. And I can tell you that his numbers not wanting to climb (even though high 80s is considered awesome stats for a lot of heart kids) brought back a lot of uneasy memories and feelings. But as you can see here, there is nothing to worry about now. 🙂

This is good...

So, hooray for Jacob! and now, I am off to take a quick nap before I need to pick up the children and get dinner ready…after all I’ve been up since 4:30 this morning. 🙂

p.s. if there are typos and gross errors I am terribly sorry, and I hope it all makes sense, because I think I am hardly coherent right now….


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17 responses to “Jacob’s Mini Surgery

  1. Glad to hear things went well.

  2. So happy to hear all went well today. The pictures are so cute … gotta love those rosy cheeks :).

  3. I am so glad that everything went well! I wish our hospital had orange Popsicles, we just get red ones with no flavor.

  4. Glad to hear that everything is okay! Jacob looks SO grown up!!!!!! What a trooper!

  5. Christine

    It’s wonderful news that everything went so well – minor as it was:).

    Jacob looks sooooo cute and grown up in those post-op pics!

  6. Awww what an awesome job he did! I am so glad that it all went well and he will be able to heal up with no problems. I will continue praying for him so he can get better soon!

  7. It’s great to hear that it went so well! What a trooper Jacob is! 🙂

  8. dEB

    I am sooooo glad everything went well. I’ll be thinking of ya’ll in my prayers.

  9. I am so glad that everything went well! I can’t imagine how hard it was to see Jacob in the hospital bed again — minor surgery or not!!!!

  10. So glad to hear and see that everything went well! Like Kyrstal said, minor surgery or not they are our babies and it still is stressful! Heart Hugs!

  11. Hi there! I did a blog search for TGA and your blog turned up!

    Oh the coincedences – my son is also named Jacob and was born with TGA. He’s only 8 months old. We go back for our next PC check up on April 24th. I’m quite nervous!!

    Your Jacob looks like he is certainly doing well. He is such a cutie! I’m glad his mini-surgery went well! That must have been so stressful!

  12. I put the questions up for you. Sorry it took so long things have been busy. I can’t wait to see your answers.

  13. I’m so glad the “mini” surgery went well. Jacob looks great! Jessica was asking about him and said he is cute and brave. We are both glad that he is doing well.

    And I haven’t forgotten my homework…. I’m still thinking! lol! 😉

  14. I found your website via Nancy. My son had a similar experience with an unrelenting pimple. We had surgery planned but about a week before something black started sticking out. The surgeon sterilized Jon’s chest and pulled out a nice long stitch. Thankfully no surgery was needed. I’ll be stopping by your website more often.

  15. is jackcob oky with his sugery on his chest or somethink else i hope if he
    is doing oky. i bet his dogs and his dad misses him i love you jackcob.
    i was woundering if he is doing awesome with his sugery i think next
    week i,am getting sugery on my below stomache where i was a baby.
    and i bet i will be painfiul if i get sugery on it and i won’t play
    softball anymore i would miss out on that and all off my coaches will
    miss me and my friends from softball and my friend megan rein-heart
    was hitting and than she ran first base and than second base and than
    thrid base and than she ran home plate and she hurt her ankle and she had too go too the hospital and had sugery on it and check out her

    thnaks courtney fry please comment me back about me and jackcob.

  16. is your baby jacob felling better from his mini sugery on chest i hope he feels
    better i hope when he feels better he would go home evuantally?
    so he would see happy family and dogs.

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