Well, you asked….

There’s been this fun little interview game floating around – I saw it first on Stephanie’s site and then on Awesome Mom’s so I joined in to play… I’ve been running short of  blogging ideas and inspirations so maybe this will help get the flow going again. 🙂

Anyway it’s simple, really, some one asks you five questions and you answer them on your blog.  So, Awesome Mom asked me five questions and here they are (if you have a desire to be interviewed just say so, and I’m sure I can come up with some rather intriguing questions for you…if you dare…. heh)   🙂

1.  Knowing what you know now about Jacob’s heart defect if you could have chosen his birth order would you have had him first or not changed things at all? 

This is kind of a tough question because I can see the benefits to having him first.  The struggle and guilt of needing and wanting to be in two places at the same time was terribly difficult.  I couldn’t bear to be away from Jacob in the hospital long, but I couldn’t bear not being with my other three children at home.  I wouldn’t have had to worry about arranging school transportation and places for them stay, and it was rather traumatic for them as it was the rest of us.

However, on the flip side I wouldn’t have had three very helpful (though young) girls at home who really did a lot when we came from the hospital.  Jacob wouldn’t have the examples of his sisters, and I think that is one reason why he isn’t behind developmentally, because he wants to be just like them and sees them walk, talk, go potty, etc.  Also (not knowing if we are going to have more or not here), it seems to me that subsequent pregnancies would be rather stressful and full of worry that there would be something going wrong , and who knows if we decided to have another sometime down the road I won’t let that deterr our decision, but it will definitely be harder. (if that makes any sense at all.)

So, there you have a long and complicated lesson, but I think I would leave the birth order just the way it is – I think there have been a lot of benefits, both seen and unseen.

2. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I have two: Breyer’s (has to be Breyer’s) Mint Chocolate Chip and Dreyer’s Rocky Road.  Paul introduced me to the deliciousness of Dreyer’s Rocky Road, but the Mint Chocolate Chip stems from my childhood.  It was my father’s favorite and he would often have a carton of it stashed in the freezer.  It was a luxery for us, and so he would get it out after everyone was in bed and eat a few spoonfulls at a time.  I remember feigning bad dreams and restless sleep, sneak quietly up the stairs to the kitchen where I knew dad would be snacking on the icecream.  He’d pop me up on his lap and slip me a few delicious mouthfuls and send me of to bed, savoring the delicious flavor of the best icecream in the world.  In fact, I think the reason it is so good is the memory of those special moments with Dad.

3. If you could be a character in any book which book and which character would you choose?

Yikes! This is a tough one, there are so many awesome books and great characters.  At first I thought of Anne, from Anne of Green Gables because of all the trouble she gets in, but then I realized I don’t necessarily like being in fixes, we just happen to share that commonality. 🙂  So, I chose Eillonwy from The Chronicle of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander.  She is awesome, grand adventures, battling undead with a sword, you name it she can manage it.  I’ll be her – but the only draw back is that she never sails on a pirate ship – Arrrrr! 🙂 heh.  But she does manage to find true love, so I suppose that makes up for the pirate part – see I can be all girly and swoony sometimes.  🙂
4. Do you have a favorite pen?

I do, and I bet you could never guess what that favorite pen happens to be….

Ages ago Paul got me a cool Goofy pen. It’s metal (rather heavy actually) and blue, with a goofy head at the top. It’s very sheik and I love it.
5. What is your earliest memory from childhood?

I honestly don’t know what is my eariliest memory – the order of things starts to get jumbled as to what happened when, but I suppose one would be a Halloween from when I was about 3 or so.  My brothers and sisters decided to make a haunted housein the garage. On the farm, the garage was separate from the house and was quite huge.  I don’t remember a whole lot. I remember they had a whole lot of decorations and witches and things that would fly down from the ceiling.  But the coolest part was that I got to be the mummy.  They wrapped me all up in toilet paper and laid me in a red sled.  They had attached another red sled on top to make a sort of coffin and when people came by they pulled a string that opened up the top sled and I sat up and moaned.  It was pretty cool – but very vague. In fact sometimes I wonder if really happened, but there are pictures, so I know it must have. 🙂


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4 responses to “Well, you asked….

  1. Great answers! I asked number one because I was very curious about what it was like having to go through all that with other kids at home. I think it helps to be a more seasoned mother when you need to go through something like that. I know Evan’s first year was just so tough because I really had no idea what it was even like to have a “normal” baby let alone on that had complicated medical needs. It sure did make Harry’s first year a breeze though.

  2. I liked this post Julia… When I think about M, I love that she was my first because of all the reasons you stated as well… Anyway if you felt like sending me a few questions, I would love to participate as well 🙂

    Thanks April. 🙂 Here are some questions for you:

    1. Can you burp the alphabet – have you ever tried?

    2. What is the strangest talent you posess?

    3. If you were an actress and wanted to audition for a movie – which one would we be able to expect to see you star in?

    4. When/how did you discover your passion for the viola?

    5. What is the strangest thing you have ever seen and done?

  3. Those are cool responses. I especially liked number one. I had Justen, who was 2 yrs old and I always either had to drag him around with me or find sitters – Jess was hospitalized (actually admitted – not just doctors appointments) 35 times in the first 2 years of her life – not to mention we averaged 3 doctors visits or therapy apointments every week that she was not hospitalized. If I were able to choose her birth order it would either be first or possibly even last. If she were last I would have other kids to help out some. Oh well, I’ve survived what God gave me (at least so far) 😉

    If you want to send me 5 questions I just might answer them for you too. Maybe…. lol

    Nancy, and your questions are:

    1. What are your favorite shoes to wear – or do you prefer to be barefoot?
    2. What is the greatest lesson life has taught you?
    3. What is the oddest thing you have done?
    4. If you were to dye your hair some other color than typical hair color (ie, blond, black, etc. would be typical) what color/s would you go for?
    5. Can you roll your tongue?

  4. Those are really good responses! Especially #1! I’ve felt something of the same thing when we thought of having a third child. I’d be stressed and worried the whole time, and the gamble isn’t worth it at this point. We’ll see how the adoption gamble goes!

    OK, interview me 🙂

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