When Paul and I were married we made a decision about Easter that has carried into tradition ever since.  Easter is a special holiday to me and a wonderful celebration of Christ’s resurrection.  We decided that we wanted to seperate the serious spiritual side of Easter from the fun side so we created our own special day that occurs on Saturday – we call it Bunny Day.  The Easter Bunny then comes on Saturday and leaves the goodies for the kids, we hid eggs and have a grand time.  On Sunday we focus on the real meaning of Easter.  We have special lessons and I don’t have to worry about wrestling toys and candy away from kids in order to get ready for church.  We have really enjoyed these traditions.

Here are a couple of “Bunny Day” photos from Saturday: (We were busy enough trying to keep track of the kids during the Easter egg hunt we didn’t take many pictures – I was a little derilict in my camera duty in general this Easter)

Easter basket time

“CHEESE!” – That’s my cheesy boy. There is just something about this picture that puts a grin on my face and makes me all giggly and giddy inside.


When Jacob had surgery two years ago on Easter Sunday a new tradition was born of going to the hospital to help with Holiday dinners.  A wonderful lady named Sandi organizes this special service and ever since we first partook of that wonderful meal as we waited for news on Jacob’s surgery we have gone back.  We don’t really do much, most of the time Sandi has volunteers already there to help, but I hope we manage to bring some comfort into the lives of those we visit with.

Here is a pic of all our family with Sandi – for now it is the best photo of the girl’s in their dresses. We were rushed and busy enough Easter day between church and the hospital and such that we didn’t get a really good photo of the kids in their Easter get-up, but I’ll dress them up tonight and take a better photo, so check in later for a better shot. 🙂

Easter Dinner at Hospital



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5 responses to “Easter

  1. What a wonderful weekend you all had :). Love the pictures, the one of Jacob with that big toothy smile made me giggle as well :0). Your family looks very nice all dressed up …. greatthat you were able to go help out at the hospital. that’s a wonderful tradition to have, showing your children how great it is to help others. My only questions is … how did Jacob make put through it all? I am thinking that we would really struggle with Dominic while doing something like that :)! Can’t wait to see your pictures later … of the girls in their new dresses. I couldn’t really see them very well in the hospital photo, but they did look very pretty!

    Jacob actually did fairly well – we also didn’t stay quite as long as we did last year though either, because of that. We usually switch off, one of us will be visiting while the other plays with Jacob, and then we’ll swap. We had the stroller too so there were a couple times we took a walk all around the pediatric floor to let the nurses know, and anyone else we saw, that the dinner was happening and to come get food – that helped keep him distracted, and we got to pop in to the PICU that way and see our favorite nurses. 🙂 We took him on regular walks (without the stroller) as well, and of course fed him. By the time all was said and done, he was occupied enough not to go crazy, and we left when we could tell he was really starting to fall apart, all in all, though we probably made it 2 hours.

  2. Happy Easter!
    I’m glad everything went well with your crazybusy day.
    The dresses look very nice — good job! You are a domestic diva!

    I don’t know about being a domestic diva :), but thaks for the compliment. 🙂

  3. I really like your “bunny day” tradition and keeping the actual Easter religious. In a way that’s what we do by going to the grandparents house on Saturday, but the Easter bunny does stop by Sat night and leaves a little something for the kids. I mean very little. This year each of the kids got a pack of cards from whatever set they collect (pokemon, magic, etc) and then Jess got a coloring book. That was it. We have never done huge gifts and stuff from the Easter bunny, in fact, if Karl had it his way, the Easter bunny would not even come to our house.

    That’s a nice picture of your family. I remember the days when I made Jessica and myself Easter dresses, but there’s no way I could make even one dress – much less 3 in the short amount of time you did! They look beautiful!

  4. I really like your bunny day tradition! I think I’ll copy that next year. I didn’t really make any effort to go into explaining the spiritual side of Easter this year. It’s hard to try and go into that with kids so young! Next year will be a different story.

    The dresses look really nice! What a beautiful family!

  5. We are also separating the bunny from Easter, we did the egg hunts ect the week before.

    You have an adorable family!!! I love that cheesy grin of Jacobs too.

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