There is a reason for my absence –

about 10 of them or more 🙂

1.  I cleaned all of my carpets last week (finally go it done from THAT infamous episode)  – and I used the nifty handtool on the girls’ mattresses too – what a gem that thing is!

2. I scrubbed out the bathrooms, caught up on laundry, mopped the floors, and did a bunch of other cleaning stuff.

3. I wrote another “Will and Belinda” story (I might post it eventually) for a contest deadline.

4. Paul’s parents came to visit Friday – Sunday

5. Had a family party for Elizabeth on Friday

6. Planned and organized Elizabeth’s party with friends for Saturday, baked the cake, decorated the house, and had a hoot and a half with a bunch of little girls wutg a pajama party – I’ll do a special post on that soon.

7. I spent a good portion of the week planning Elizabeth’s and her friend’s Baptism.  Coordinating things with her friend’s parents, making sure things were all arranged, etc. 

8. Attended my daughter’s Baptism  yesterday – on her birthday! It was really awesome and a wonderful experience.

9. Read my book

10.  And spent some of that slim spare time I should have been blogging on a computer game – silly me 🙂

So that is a small list of my lame excuses for my lack of writing on my blog – I really am trying to get back to writing frequently – but obviously not doing too well at it right now.


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6 responses to “There is a reason for my absence –

  1. Congrats on the baptism!

  2. Welcome back. I think we all have those periods of being too busy (or too distracted, ahem, video games!) I’m glad you had so many neat things going on!

  3. I am glad you are back! We have missed you!

    I feared that you had a hairline fracture or something else unknown happen because of the episode… but then that should have given you more time to write not less 🙂

  4. Glad you are back. Hope to see more of you in the next little while.

  5. I’m sure the baptism was nice. I guess we will forgive your absence just this once. 😉

    Glad you are back.

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