Mr. Stitch

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to give Jacob “Mr. Stitch”  – or maybe we’ll just have to nickname Jacob “Mr. Stitch”.  After his mini surgery things were looking fine and seemed to be healing well, but after a while a small section of his incision seemed to be haveing trouble healing – and it looked red.  After talking with a friend who has been through just about everything in their family – including heart surgery, I put neopsporin on it and watched it closely.  It scabbed over finally and seemed to be healing again.  Then a few days later when I was getting Jacob dressed in the morning I noticed this long thin white thing sticking out of his chest.

Yup, it was a stitch.  I took him in to see our pediatrician this morning and he snipped it really close, told us to keep putting neosporin on it and contact out PC (pediatric cardiologist) if it got red and puffy, etc.  Maybe I should have just taken him straight in to see the PC, but it didn’t seem serious enough, and they probably would have done the exact same thing.  I must say it was a bit odd and disconcerting to see this little thread poking out of his skin – but at least nothing got majorly infected – thank goodness for neosporin. 🙂


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4 responses to “Mr. Stitch

  1. Evan had to have his first chest incision cleaned out because it got badly infected. They put in stitches so they could keep it cleaner than with steri strips. Weeks after we got him home I found several little bits if left over stitches in his chest that I had to pull out with some tweezers. It was super creepy.

    I hope that Jacob heals up well and there are no further issues.

  2. One time Jess had a little stitch poking out post surgery – she was 5 yrs old and her incision went under her right arm and around her back. I took her in to see the doctor and he pulled the stitch just like you would a threat on a shirt hem. You know how when you pull a thread the fabric bunches together? Well, that’s what Jessica’s skin did. The doctor cut the stitch and her skin went back to normal. We put the antibiotic ointment on the spot where it was poking out and no problems after that. It was the strangest thing to see though.

  3. Eeek! I hope everything heals up well!

  4. char

    i found your blog while googline “stitch sticking out heart surgery”. my daughter had her asd repaired on may 29th and after her bath today, i noticed a clear white string sticking out. of course i got nervous and went straight to the pc. thought it was a wire from her sternum, but after reading a few sites, i found out it could be a stitch. man…was that scary. i’ll be calling her cardio first thing tomorrow. Ü thanks for sharing your experience. Ü

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