Jacob’s CHD Quilt Block

The Congenital Heart Defect quilt project is an ongoing project to promote CHD awareness.  Some time ago we put Jacob’s information in for a quilt block to be made by volunteers in his honor and placed on one of the many quilts.  Each quilt block is dedicated to a person who has or has had some tpe of congenital heart defect.  Currently there are close to 37 quilts completed, each one honoring 42 individuals.  Jacob’s block will be on quilt number 46 – so that gives you an idea of how big and incredible this project is.

All 50 states and Washington D.C. are represented as well as 22 foreign countries.  For more information on this amazing project feel free to check out: The CHD Quilt

Today we recieved an email with a photo of Jacob’s block, which we adore: (with a few edits for privacy sake)

Jacob Quilt Block Edited for Online

The volunteer did a great job of capturing some of his favorite things: dogs, cheerios, and bubbles/baths.


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7 responses to “Jacob’s CHD Quilt Block

  1. I love the Cheerios!!! The quilt blocks are so great. We got a pic of Brayden’s, but we don’ know what quilt it will be on yet. Too bad we didn’t make # 46 with the Cheerios 🙂

  2. That is so adorable!

  3. What a sweet quilt block :). I have Dominic’s name registered for a quilt block too. I like Jacob’s favorite things … so cute :).

  4. That is too cute!! I have been thinking about having Evan’s done but I kind of want to make it myself so I have not started the process to get one made.

  5. What a beautiful project. I’m so glad you could be involved in it. The person who made Jacob’s quilt block did a really good job!

  6. That’s awesome! How very special!

  7. What an amazing project!!! The block looks really great!

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