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This theme was really hard for me. I spent the entire week mulling it over in my head. This morning I woke up and groaned as I realized how busy the day was going to be and how little time I had to get everything done. That is when my idea hit me:

Time, very often, is Rare…



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16 responses to “Rare

  1. I completely agree. Some days I sure feel like I don’t have enough of it!

  2. Great idea for the theme!

  3. So very true! Great thought.

  4. SJ

    Oh, this is so true. I have two boys, and NEVER have time anymore it seems. And when I do have ‘time’, it flies by.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I agree with you 100%. If I was able to change the time structure I would make it a 30 to 32 hour day. just to make sure that everything got done.
    Great photo.

  6. veeeery true!

    i recently met a master of thai boxing (and he truly is a MASTER at his art! it’s amazing to see) and he signed a picture for me… and wrote “time wait for no one”

    so true…

  7. Deb

    Great idea for your picture. *Sigh* I have less and less time every day.

  8. srp

    Time is rare and this clock looks like a rare find as well.
    Great picture for the theme!

  9. amy

    Beautiful photo!
    Great use of the theme!~

    Hope you stop by and check out the Scavenger Hunt over at Amys Random Thoughts!

  10. Very creative! Time is never there when you need it, is it?

  11. deb

    Pretty clock…and you’re so right! Time is a rare commodity around here, too!

  12. What an excellent choice! You chose a beautiful clock, too. Very great idea!

  13. Thanks for visiting my photo hunt, too. I agree—time is a rare commodity. I should say time that I have control over is rare! So much of life is scheduled out.

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