Elizabeth’s Birthday

Elizabeth is 8!

I never quite got the chance to post about Elizabeth’s fabulous 8th birthday, so better late than never. 🙂

On the even years the girls get to have parties with friends, on the odd years we have parties with just family.  This is mainly due to the fact the Lizard’s and Dot’s birthdays are only two weeks apart, and trying to plan major parties every year is really tough with them back to back, so we decided on this plan so I only have one friend party to plan at a time. Emily lines up with Dot, but her birthday isn’t until July, so it doesn’t matter as much.

This year Elizabeth wanted a slumber party – but I wasn’t to keen on trying to juggle that many girls with family in town and a bunch of other things, so we compromised and she chose to have a pajama party.  All the girls wore their pink pajamas (pure coincidence) and wore their fuzzy slippers.  We laid a large cloth out on the floor and painted the girls fingernails and toenails, and put their hair in curlers.  Even Dad and Grandpa got into the action.

Father & Daughter

After the girls were finished they decided to start the real fun and began to put Dad’s and Grandpa’s hair in curlers! Poor Grandpa even got his toenails painted – what good sports. The girls had so much fun.

Daddy get curlers too!

Girls just want to have fun!

This year Elizabeth chose the following cake, which I had fun making and was a hoot for her birthday party –

Pajama Party Cake

She's ready to blow

Another huge part of her birthday was her baptism. In our church when children turn 8 we feel they have reached an age where they no right from wrong and are able to be responsible for their choices. At this age they can choose to be baptized. Elizabeth has been so excited, looking forward to this day.

Elizabeth and Dad - Baptism

It was a very special day. We are so proud of our little 8 year old and are glad she is part of our family.


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6 responses to “Elizabeth’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

    What a special day for your 8 year old!!! I LOVE her cake. If it’s not too much, could you explain how you did it? I’ve never seen a cake quite like it.

    Not a problem. 🙂 It is actually one of the more simple cakes to make. Bake a cake in a regular 9×13 pan – this will be the bed. I usually would put a ‘crumb’ layer of icing down on the cake at this point – a first layer that gets a bit crumby sometimes, that will be covered later – you might choose the color you want for the bed sheet which will show in the upper half of the cake. Then take some twinkies and slice them in half (so they are not so tall). place these along the bottom half of the cake. Choosing a contrasting color ice over the “bodies” twinkies. This can be a bit tricky, but isn’t too bad. Then take marshmallows and squash them flat for pillows and place at the top of each body. Decorate a vanilla wafer as a head for each slumbering person – I attach them to the pillows with a dab of icing. You can decorate the quilt (icing on top of the bodies) any way you want, and use fruit by the foot for trim to go around the quilt – I tried cutting fruit roll-ups and it did not work well, I think fruit by the foot would work a lot better. I think that is all, if you have any more questions, let me know.

  2. Wow what an exciting birthday!!! Your husband is a great sport. I don’t think my husband would let anyone put curlers in his hair, not that you could since it is so darn short. I love the cake! You are one cake baking powerhouse.

  3. Laural

    Looks like a fun time! Knowing Elizabeth’s daddy, I’m sure he enjoyed the curlers in his hair far more than he will ever admit! 🙂 Love the cake…very creative!

  4. Congratulations to Elizabeth for getting baptized and happy birthday too!

    I can’t see my husband letting his daughter put curlers in his hair… but then again he shaves his hair so short there’s no way anybody could put anything in it… except for maybe velcro. lol Glad that grandpa was such a good sport too. What a nice family time!

  5. How FUN!!!

    The cake looks awesome! And the curlers in the hair is really funny!

    Elizabeth’s baptism dress is very beautiful! Did you make it?

    No, I didn’t make this one. Elizabeth was baptized with one of her best friends, and the friend’s Grandma wanted to make the girls matching baptism dresses. It was very sweet of her, and the girls were so excited to be matching.

  6. That is one of the cutest cakes I have ever seen! I love it!

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