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My Bloomin’ Yard

I posted a ton of new photos on flickr of everything blooming in our yard, and when the yard belongs to a botanist who loves gardening there is a lot blooming.  While the yard can be gorgeous, the weeds and work are not.  I had no idea how much work my dad spent on the yard until we moved in.  To say that it is a big job for a mom of 4 little ones is an understatement.  I do what I can, but unfortunately much of the gardens don’t get all the work and attention they need. So along with the gorgeous flowers I am sure that the trained eye will pick out all the weeds too *sigh*.  I won’t post all of the photos here, there are too many, just a few.

Golden Chain Tree in Afternoon Light


Lupine in the Afternoon

Blue Bell profile

Name has left my head - be back soon

Close up Purple Iris

Lilacs from our yard 1

Purple Lupine




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