7 Little Facts

I’ve been tagged by two of my friends, Alyson and Nancy, – I hope that doesn’t mean I need to come up with 14, cause you would all be terribly bored. 🙂  Actually, I just found out another friend tagged me too,  Jenni – I definitely don’t think you guys want to hear 21 obscure facts about me – heh.  *Garsh* I feel so loved guys! 🙂

 1. I have been to 45 of 50 states (approx – I might have forgot 1 or incorrectly remembered 1)

2. 5 is my favorite number, after all I was kid #5 and I thought Short Circuit was a really cool movie – #5 Alive!  Maybe I should have 5 kids….

3. My siblings and I used to have wall climbing races in the hall. With a hand and foot on each side of the hall (like straddling it) we’d climb up and see who could hit the ceiling the fastest.

4. I’ve never a broken bone – which is quite amazing considering my knack for…well, you know. 🙂

5.  When I was a kid I used to stick my feet behind my head and turn my eyelids inside out… well until my sister told me they would get stuck that way forever and then I stopped doing both.

6.  I painted my toenails for the first time in my life not quite 5 years ago.

7. Oh yeah, and speaking of #5……

Anyway, as far as who I tag (on one of my taggers, they said I had to tag 7), I’ll tag Stephanie (since you said on your last post you  needed something to write about), Deb, Laural,  Allrie, Perpetual Chocoholic, Sariah, and Sariah. 🙂  Knock yourselves out…or don’t – it might hurt. heh 🙂


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5 responses to “7 Little Facts

  1. zoo

    which 5 have you NOT been too?

    *Big Huge Grin* Hey, good to see you again! 🙂 The 5 states I am pretty sure I haven’t been to are: Alaska, Hawaii, (most definitely those) and the three iffy ones are Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. But I am pretty sure I haven’t been to those. The 2 states that I thought I had been to, but thought I could be mistaken (I counted them anyway as I was fairly certain) are Alabama and Georgia.

  2. zoo

    i don’t know… i think there should be an asterisk to the ones you can’t REMEMBER being at. sheesh. 😉

    Yeah yeah… I was between the ages of 7-10 when I went through those states – the memory gets a bit foggy. Must be old age setting in. Heh 😛

  3. So, wait, is #5 on the way? Are you trying to tell us something without telling us something? (Or something like that.)

    *Big Grin* Not that I’m making an official announcement yet or anything. 😉

  4. First off… I totally didn’t realize you tagged me until I read the other Sariah’s blog. Oops! I’ll be doing my 7 things right now. heh.
    Second… I’m a bit slow on the uptake. So, you’re not making an official announcement (yet), but there WILL be an announcement in the very near future? If so… congrats! That’s so exciting! I think you’re nuts!! hee hee. (I can’t handle three and can’t imagine having 5. I think you’ll do great, though). If not, uh, no, I don’t think you look fat or bloated. 😉

    Based on your comment, I don’t think you are THAT slow on the uptake. 😉 And I think being nuts runs in the family, heh

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