The Magic Flute

Some time ago Paul recieved free tickets to the Portland Opera’s Dress Rehearsal of The Magic Flute by Mozart.  Our crazy weekend this last weekend began actually on Thursday as we prepared to go to the opera.  Paul actually ended up recieving two extra free tickets so we were thrilled to take our two oldest girls with us.  I never would have tried it if it wasn’t a dress rehearsal, but it was a great oportunity to expose them to opera, etc.

The girls were excited as we briskly walked the 7 blocks to the Civic Auditorium (Keller now I think) from where we parked. We made it in the nick of time, as I don’t walk too fast or well in high heels.  The girls were full of eager anticipation as the lights dimmed and the music began.

Worried, Dorothy leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Mom, I can’t see anything.” 

I chuckled softly, “This is the overture, we get to listen to the pretty music for a while.”

We watched the conductor and listened, then Dorothy giggled, “He’s funny!” As the conductor in a wild section of the overture waved his arms around. 

Trying not to laugh myself I gently shushed her and we settled down to enjoy the music once more.  Suddenly the overture came to an end and the grand red curtain rose exposing a breath taking forest scene.  Dorothy popped up in her chair as straight as can be, “Coooool!” she awed in a soft voice.  I noticed that Elizabeth was looking on with awe as well on the otherside of Paul. 

The speaking parts of the opera are in English while the singing is in German.  Paul pointed to the reader board with the English translation and whispered to Elizabeth that she could read the words up there.

“I don’t care if it isn’t in our language,” she quietly gushed, “I just want to listen.”

The night was truly magic for our kids.  And while to me the vocals weren’t the best I had heard the staging was marvelous and it was thoroughly enjoable.  And most importantly the kids loved every minute of it.  They stayed awake until the very end, which wasn’t until 10:00 at night, and even happily walked the 7 blocks back to the car.  We had mini binoculars that they loved pearing through and watching the performers up close, and they especially enjoyed the trip up to see the pit orchestra during the intermission.

I was so pleased with them and how well they did.  I needn’t have worried, they were so well behaved, even when they got tired.  I hope we can have this oportunity again some time.


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9 responses to “The Magic Flute

  1. To quote Dorothy, “cooool.”

  2. That is a neat experience for the girls.

  3. That sounds so awesome! I think it is so important to expose kids to the arts when you can. What a great opportunity!
    We recently had the LDS Symphony play at our stake center and I took the girls. Even though it was just at the church building, I told them that whenever you go to the symphony you should wear something nice, so we wore dresses. Most everyone else showed up in jeans. :S

    Yeah, even at the dress rehearsal – and we considered it the same as the real thing and I wore dress pants, Paul was in his work clothes – tie included, and the kids were in dresses – some people were in t-shirts and shorts. It’s sad that people aren’t be educated to show respect in their clothing for these types of things. But as Paul pointed out to me, at least we are and that is all that counts. So, good job on teaching your kids what is appropriate, I think it is awesome, and it will stick with them.

  4. zoo

    i don’t think i could sit through an opera without laughing my face off. but that speaks more to my immaturity than it does to the opera. glad your kids are more mature than me. 😛

    heh 🙂 That is the joy of The Magic Flute though, it is rather comedic and we got to laugh our faces off. Very good opera for kids, because then they don’t accidently laugh during the tragedy part – which reminds of something I might have to write about later. 🙂 I would hate to see what would have happened if the opera had been one of a very serious nature – thank goodness it wasn’t. 🙂

  5. Sounds like a wonderful evening :). It must have been a great experience for you and Paul to see your girls enjoying the performance. I’m sure that is something they’ll remember for a very long time :).

  6. mcinsane

    What a woman! I don’t know that I would dare do that! However, we did let Abi come to our latest orchestra concert and she really liked it and talked all the way home about how this song sounded like this movie and so on.
    Congratulations on a successful night!

  7. awww how precious! what a momentous time for your family. I’m so glad you guys had a marvelous time.

  8. This made me smile – sounds like a future musician to me – “I don’t care if it isn’t in our language,” she quietly gushed, “I just want to listen.”

  9. That sounds like fun. Isn’t it nice to discover something your kids are interested in that you might not have thought they would be?

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