Again! Again!

I was sitting in the rocking chair beside the piano wishing for the waves of nausea that have been plaguing me for nearly 2 months now to subside and for my body to be suddenly infused with energy that I seemed so devoid of lately.  All the kids were playing outside with Dad except for Jacob who was rummaging through the music rythm instrument bin near the piano.

I watched through half opened eyes as he pulled out his favorite drum and prepared himself for a grand concert.  Then he looked at me, then at the piano, then at me, then at the piano.  Finally pointing a small chubby finger at the piano he looks at me, “Pay!”  I have an idea what he is asking, but it is too much fun to just do it, I have to encourage him a bit.

“Do you want me to play the piano?”

“Mama pay!” he says again.

“Can you say please?”

“Pease,” comes the plaintive little cry and I launch in a rollicking Joplin rag to which he beats and pounds upon his little drum. 

 I finished the piece and sat a moment thinking I should get dinner ready when Jacob pipes up, “again.”

“You want me to play again?”

“Pease,” he is catching on at this point and I launch into another fun frollicking piece.  What can I say, he is stroking my ego a bit.  There is something special about your child begging you to play and to keep playing.  I don’t recall any of the other kids begging me to keep playing, even though I know they enjoy it.

He put up the request of “Again, pease” one more time and then I really had to get dinner ready.  It sure is nice to know that my kids love music as much as Paul and I do. 🙂


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6 responses to “Again! Again!

  1. That’s so sweet, I can’t wait until we have a piano in the house and I can “pay” for my kids.
    btw, did you get my flickr email?

    🙂 I did get your flickr email, did you get my reply? I will say you are right, I have been having fun seeing how subtle I can be and how many people pick up on it and how quickly. Karen picked up on it first, Sariah next, and you are third. What can I say, I enjoy making people wonder. heh 🙂

  2. That’s cute. And do you have some news to “officially” announce? I think I picked up on something up there :).

  3. Um Julia, don’t tease us here… give us the goods or we will just have to assume that what we think you said, is what you really said 🙂

  4. mcinsane

    I agree with Aprilmommy and Tracy…is there something you would like to share, openly, with us?

    It sounds like you always have a great time with your kids…I love that!

  5. BURR

    It’s blissful. (:

  6. Oh good, for a minute there I was wondering if I was the only one who didn’t know about any big news from Julia. Or did we all read that wrong? 😀

    Jaedin and Jenacy LOVE to dance with me. Even yesterday at the airport when we were waiting for our luggage to come out Jenacy grabbed both my hands and started dancing (meaning that I must join!)! Kids are cute all around 😀

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