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The “Really Official” Announcement

 As most of you have figured out by now, yes we are expecting child #5.  It is just too much fun being cryptic and seeing how many of you can figure it out, and how quickly. 🙂  My first hint was in my random 7 things about me post, then less cryptic was the post about Jacob and music.  So, forgive me for having too much fun at your expense with my announcement. 🙂  Karen takes the prize as being the very first to pick up on it, I suspected she would, it is terribly difficult to sneak anything past her. 🙂

We usually don’t announce it this early (I’m at the end of my 2nd month) but, all my kids know and the secret just won’t stay in the bag for long, so I decided to untie the strings and just enjoy letting people know in the most interesting ways possible.  Aside from the kids knowing, I am feeling the worst ever, compared to my previous pregnancies, and it is hard to conceal a constant nausea.  Though I feel totally exhausted much of the time and nauseous I am so much better off than a lot of pregnant moms, at least I am not hovering over a toilet all day. 

The due date isn’t until January, so we have a ways to go, and my first prenatal is next Monday, so hopefully at that point we will get to hear the heart beat.  We will have an ultrasound done at 20 weeks to  check for heart defects, etc. but we will not find out the sex of the baby.  We love surprises and I love not knowing what we are having until the baby is born.  We do have two names picked already, leftovers that we had chosen during our previous pregnancies, that we love and I might divulge those later if my arm is twisted enough. 😉  We are so excited, but a bit overwhelmed, we have a hard enough time sometimes with the 4 we have that 5 seems a bit daunting, but we are truly excited, and just praying we will be up to the challenge.

As far as the kids go they are all thrilled and have already thrown in their predictions. 

 Elizabeth wants another boy, “Jacob needs a buddy” she says.

Emily is just excited to have a “Baby in Mommy’s tummy”, Jacob doesn’t really get what is going on – maybe he will later what I am huge (ugh) 🙂 and Dorothy in her very own words says, “Mommy, why can’t you just have two? You know, one of each – a boy and a girl.”

Thanks Dot. (eek)  I promise I will try really hard not to complain about feeling icky, but now you will know part of the reason why my posts have been, and will possibly continue to be, sporadic from time to time.


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The “OFFICIAL” Announcement

Yes, the moment you have all been waiting for has finally come.  We had our Heart Walk on Saturday (May 19) and it went really well.  🙂 

We started off by parking a mile away (hey, free parking, can’t complain) and walked to the area of festivities. We checked in, met up with some people we were walking with, and got started on our merry way. The Heart Walk is 3 miles, and I was wondering how the kids (especially Emmy) would do with walking it.

Heart Walk 1

We elected to be at the end of the massive group of walkers, mainly to afford the kids a slightly more leisurely pace, and so as not to hold people up when we needed to stop for this and that.

Heart Walk 2

We crossed over two bridges, this is one of them. We are some distance from the bridge still, but you can see many walkers already on the bridge – the teeny little specs at the bottom.

Heart Walk 3

The kids were thrilled to cross the bridge at the same time as a train – though it was a bit noisy. You could hear Jacob’s “Choo! Choo!” above even the ruccous of the train.

Heart Walk 4

Water break – here is Dorothy in her hot pink cast, she has been coping quite well with her left hand, little determined thing that she is.

Heart Walk 5 - Dot's Pink cast

Our Little Hero

Heart Walk 6

Taking a break from the stroller on Dad’s shoulders.

Heart Walk 6

The girls ended up walking all three miles, plus the last mile back to our car – a grand total of 5 miles. We were so impressed with them, especialy with Emily being only 4 years old. Go Emily!!! 🙂 The walk was a lot of fun and a great success, we can’t wait until next year to go again.

Oh, wait a second, that wasn’t the official announcement you were expecting? Gee…. guess you’ll have to wait just a bit longer (Jacob is upset about something, I need to go find out what).


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