Daily Archives: May 30, 2007

Who’s In That Box?

I had a series of errands and miscellaneous appointments today – everything from getting my teeth cleaned (yay! It had been like 5 years or so since my last cleaning and it felt SOOOOO good) to returning mail at the UPS store.  Most of the little errands were ran with Emmy and Jacob in tow.  At one point we were waiting in a small lobby that had a little fun mirror attached to a wall.  One of the wavey ones that distorts your body and makes you look all funky.

Jacob’s attention was caught and he cocked his head to one side and peered at his reflection with a puzzled gaze.  I turned to speak to a lady and then turned back to see Jacob.   His face was pressed against the wall, his nose right up next to the wood box side of the funny mirror.  I started laughing when it dawned on me what he was doing.  He was tryin to see through the minute crack between wall and mirror to figure out he the funny little man was in the box.

He forgot about it a moment later and just had fun laughing at his crazy reflection.  But I wonder if he is still thinking about who was in that box. 🙂


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