Lemonade! Lemonade for Sale!

“Mom, we want to have a lemonade stand,” the girls told me after I had refused to let them go down the street and by lemonade from some other kids for the exorbitant rate of $0.50 a cup. 

“Sounds like a fun idea, but there is a lot of work involved in a lemonade stand.  First, you will need lemonade, sugar, ice, and cups.  You will need to make signs and decide on a decent price to sell it. You also will need some starting out change, so you can make change for your customers.”  The girls had heard me say that $0.50 was way too much for a single cup of lemonade, so they were prepared for that one.

“We want to sell it for 5 cents a cup,” Elizabeth said proudly.

“Well, we do need to be sure that you make enough to cover how much you spend.  So, how about 10 cents, that should be enough. Dad and I will help out with cups, sugar, and ice this time; you guys can buy the lemonade.”

First we hit the bank and I started them off with nickles, dimes, and quarters. Then off to the store we trudged, each kid clutching in their hand their precious  60 cents which I figured would be enough to buy a couple of packets of lemonade each to get them started.  The kids were delighted when we found the lemonade (well, all kool-aid really) on sale for 10 cents a packet, so we started off the day with 18 packets of lemonade.

We got home and the kids made signs. The lemonade stand was up and going by 10:00 a.m.  and it didn’t shut down until 6:00 p.m.  Elizabeth ran it faithfully the full 8 hours with a couple of mini breaks here and there.  They even ate their lunch out there.  They sold a lot of lemonade – 12 packets worth.  I was so busy running lemonade out to them I was exhausted. Of course I was also out there painting and hauling their dressers, so that might have had something to do with it too.  Anyway, Lizard manned the table and change box. Emily and Dorothy marched up and down the side walk waving signs and shouting “Lemonade for sale! 10 cents a cup!”  Customers were kind and generous – many giving a dollar or 50 cents to the three little squirts sitting under the tree selling lemonade. 

At 6:00 we hauled it all inside and sat down to count the proceeds before dinner. We seperated out the starting up change mom and dad had pitched in, and then counted the mounds that were left.  The kids made a whopping $18! We were astounded.  Each kid got 6$ and then dad pitched in $1 per kid – so Jacob got a dollar too. 🙂 The final count that night was $7 for each kid.  Elizabeth is raring to go today for another lemonade stand.  And I reminded her,

“Now that you guys have made a really good proffit, you will be expected to buy your own sugar, cups, lemonade, and ice.”

So, the kids are all prepared to pitch in and buy more lemonade (hopefully it is still on sale), etc.  They will be quite the little buisness ladies when the summer is over. 🙂


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10 responses to “Lemonade! Lemonade for Sale!

  1. what clever little entrepreneurs! I’m glad they made a profit. They’re learning some great lessons!

  2. Hehehe that is awesome! My problem while growing up was that whenever we would put up a lemonaide stand, all of the other kids in the neighborhood (of which there were way too many), would also put one up. It never worked- supply and demand after all.

    I am happy for your girls 🙂

  3. It sounds like they had a fun time and are learning a great business lesson to boot.

  4. That’s great! I hope you took some pictures! If so then I’d like to see some.

  5. Deb

    I read your last entry, and (hehe) I think you and I should get together and give stuntperson classes. We’re both experts at falling without getting hurt. LOL.

    I’m glad that your girl’s lemonade stand went so well-that’s awesome!

  6. Very sweet little success story!

    Did you take any pictures, I have never seen a lemonade stand run by kids.

  7. That is sooo sweet…

    I always buy lemonade from little children…
    they’re sooo cute!!

  8. he he he, now that is cute! I hope they had fun and learned a lot in the process! What a fun thing to do!

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