3 Little Birds

At Paul’s Aunt’s cabin at the beach there is a mother bird who regularly makes her nest there. Upon our last visit there we had the pleasure of observing three adorable baby birds huddled in a nest above the back door.

3 Baby Birds

This was my lucky shot – just as I took the picture the momma (or poppa) flew in with food for the little tykes.

3 Baby Birds being fed


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5 responses to “3 Little Birds

  1. I love how big baby birds mouths are! That 2nd photo is just great!

  2. What a wonderful capture. I hope you enter it in a contest or something.

  3. Kellie

    you should definitely enter this photo. wow!!! ok so i’m pretty far behind in reading your blog. 😦 dang. i feel out of the loop, but i’m slowly catching up!

  4. Hello, I needed a picture of baby birds in a nest for a gift card for my niece who recently had triplets. Yours was perfect. See my watercolor of your picture here at this site. http://www.sew-much-better.blogspot.com/ Thank you.

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