I Dream of Choo Choos

Last night Paul and I were laying in bed reading with Jacob nestled in a small portacrib across the room from us.  Paul was engrossed in Harry Potter while I was submerged in a Helen McInnes spy thriller. 

Suddenly Jacob rolled over in his sleep, “Choo! Choo!” he called. 

Paul and I froze, knowing that we were caught and that our light had awakened the boy. But on closer inspection we found him still sound asleep.  We chuckled quietly as we thought of our boy’s dreams of Planes, trains, and automobiles.


Filed under Children, Humor, Jacob, Things Kids Say

4 responses to “I Dream of Choo Choos

  1. That is so cute! Jaedin use to yell funny things at Jenacy in his sleep. Sleeptalking is just too funny!

  2. Deb

    How adorable! LOL BTW, loved the pics of the baby birds :o).

  3. So sweet. I’m glad he didn’t wake up.

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