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The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should NEVER Go Shopping The Day After A Long Vacation (With All Your Kids)

1.  The children are not fooled by the sudden clean appearance of the car – should you dare to ask them to enter you will have a revolt on your hands – especially when the notice the TVs have been removed (we have the removable kind that attach to the back of the two front seats.)

2. Sandals become projectile missles launched from the cart by the two year old.

3. The two year old becomes houdini and has decided that he has been buckled into things for long enough and to heck with the safety restraint in the cart, we need to stand and flap our arms in the breeze as the cart rolls along forcing mom to clench to him with one arm and stear with the other (and the unborn baby – heh) Any attempt to get him buckled in will result in endless shrieks and end in defeat as two seconds later he is free again crying, “I free! I free!” with great delight.

4. The children feel a need to finish the poking, fighting, and needling that they began in the car the day before – apparantly its not quite out of their system.

5.  Your children have become suddenly deaf to anything you ask them to do or not do – and you swear you didn’t have the volume up THAT loud in the car.

6. Maybe they are deaf because the two year old chooses to shriek his dissaproval so that everyone around you in the store stares at you with that “control your child” look and plugs their ears.

7.  The children feel a need to express their car freedom by dancing around the cart and having races down every aisle and nearly crashing into every cart, person, and display available – remember they are no deaf so they can’t hear you asking them to “please walk”

8. The children also feel a need to express their displeasure with each other by pounding on them so that strangers have to tell them to be nice to each other while you are hanging onto the wiggly two year old and trying to pay for the groceries.

9. You can’t walk without halting every two seconds to snag a child by the scruff of the neck to keep them from running off and as a result get rammed by the bagger behind you who didn’t realize you stopped. He smashes the cart full tilt into your ankle, then your toungue hurts when you bite it to refrain from crying out choice expletives.  So now you are limping out to the car and speaking with an odd slur.

10.  A Mother’s sanity has already been stretched tot he maximum limit for the last two weeks and will find herself headed straight for the looney bin.  (I’m just curious how many of you I will see there 😉 )

The one reason that you HAVE to go shopping the day after a long vacation:

1. FOOD – you get way grouchier without it! 


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Home Sweet Home

It is always fun to go off on vacation and see things and people and play and have a simply grand time, and yet it is so wonderful to arrive home at last to your own cozy bed.  We got home last night after a 16 hour drive home from Montana yesterday.  The kids did remarkabley well – especially Jacob, considering we were stuck in a car all day after such an eventful trip.  We spent 12 days gallavanting about.  The trip started with us driving to Boise, ID for a family reunion – we arrived there on Thursday the 19 (my birthday – spent traveling in a car, wasn’t to bad though because the kids must have sung at least 20 – 30 different renditions of happy birthday to me at the top of their lungs during the entire drive 🙂 ).  The reunion ended on Saturday night, and as we were there with Paul’s parents and his Dad needed to be back in Montana for work on Monday we took off Sunday for the Big Sky.  Driving from Boise to Billings takes you right past Ricks College (sorry, BYU Idaho) and we couldn’t resist the urge to at least drive past and around the campus – and see the almost finished temple.

The temple is glorious – you can see it from miles and miles away. 

Rexburg Idaho Temple

And how can I resist taking a picture of our home away from home for all music majors and music nuts (I was a nut, never majored) the infamous Snow Building.  If we had time I would have gone inside and  taken a picture of the Fishbowl. 🙂

The Infamous Snow Building

After our detour through Rexburg we headed off toward Paul’s parents’ home, but not without stopping by a family favorite traditional spot, Howard Springs. Howard springs is a pretty little spot where a clear, crisp, cool natural springs bubbles out of the ground – the best water EVER. We stop whenever we are near and refill water bottles. The kids enjoyed the break from the car and the fresh cold water.

The tall blond boy is Paul’s nephew who accompanied Paul’s parents on the trip.

Howard Springs

Jacob contemplates the small stream nearby.

Jacob at Howard Springs

Dot and Em at Howard Springs

We made it to Billings with only one child getting sick along the way – that was Jacob, but at least we were well armed with water and paper towells and he didn’t throw up much, poor thing. We did have to pump Elizabeth full of dramamine though. 😉

Our drive home was very uneventful, except that we forgot to give Elizabeth dramamine and she threw up on a straight stretch of freeway about 2 hours out of Billings. Thankgoodness for well placed garbage sacks through out the car – we didn’t even have a mess after that one. We popped her some dramamine and made it home without any further incident – other than cranky whiny parents and kids after 12+ hours crammed in a car together. 🙂 I’ll write about some of the events in the trip indiviually, we did a number of neat things, and saw many grand a glorious sights. But for now, I need to get my house in order after our arrival home last night. (Though what I really want to do is lay back down in that coziest of cozy beds right now – boy how one misses their bed when they are away). Anyway, off to be Cinderella I am… 🙂

Now that we are done with our major vacation, I am hoping to write more frequently – say get back in my habbit of writing once a day – hopefully.


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