C is for Cave Painting

Encylcopedia Me Meme 

 Last night when I first thought of my C is for post, the very first thing that popped into my head was chopsticks – don’t ask me why, maybe my subconcious is craving Japanese food and I need to get cooking. 🙂  But, since I decided that there wasn’t much to write about there I would go with Cave Art.

While we were in Montana one of our excursions took about 15 minutes outside of Billings to the Pictograph Cave State Park.  The country was absolutely gorgeous with massive cliffs all around.  In one cave there were discovered a number of different drawings – from all sorts of civilizations and eras.  The drawings were growing more and more faded, but there were still a number that were fantastic and easy to see – these being several hundred years old – most likely drawn by the Crow Indians. In the photos they are the ones in Red, so the historians and archeologists suspect anyway.  The kids had a marvelous time trying to pick out all the different pictures and what they might be. Those are the photos I put here – there is one on flickr of older drawings in black but it is VERY faints and hard to see.

This imposing cliff greets you as you begin your walk to the pictograph cave – it is called “Cliff Hanger’s Cliff” – and since I have 4 children that enjoy watching PBS and have seen “Between the Lions” many times, mny husband and I broke into song (upon seeing the name of this cliff) “Cliff hanger, hanging from a cliff, and that’s why it’s called cliff hanger.” yes, we’re dorky, I know. 🙂

Cliff Hanger'sCliff at pictograph caves

This photo is looking up towards the pictograph cave.

Pictograph caves

The kids had no problem finding this painting and figuring out what is was:

Guns Pictograph

This one was pretty easy to see – though they had bit harder time discovering what it was a picture of. A lot of the drawings were more easily seen through binoculors too.


There were two other caves as well. One was in the middle and is most likely where different groups lived – they didn’t live in the pictograph cave apparantly.  The other was Ghost Cave. The girls really got a kick out of the name of this one.  We discovered a marvelous echo from just outside the cave as it bounced of the surrounding rock walls in the distance.  We were yelling and yodelling for quite some time, delighting in the fascinating voices as they bounced back at us.  Even Jacob got into the art of the echo.

Headed up the path towards Ghost Cave.

Headed toward Ghost Cave

The really cool rock formations inside Ghost cave – I tried to tell the kids they were petrified ghosts, but they didn’t believe me. 🙂

Ghost Cave

All the family with Paul’s Padres in Ghost Cave.

family and grandparents

The glorious cliffs across from Ghost Cave that so kindly bounced back our voices to us.

Pictograph Caves

More photos can be found on Flickr if you are interested in seeing them.



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4 responses to “C is for Cave Painting

  1. Hehe Julia, our kids have similar tastes in shows. When I read the name of that Cliff Hanger Cliff, that song immediately popped into my head. SH would have made up a Cliff Hanger story to go along with the song though 😉 We are definitely dorks too…

  2. Beautiful pictures. And I, too, would be singing about Cliff Hanger, right along with you :).

  3. Kellie

    i don’t know what Cliff Hanger is . . . 😦 but your pics are once again, amazing! do u have a special camera? i probably should look through some of your old posts. i like to think it special or you took photogrpahy or something because i never capture pics like these.

    i laughed out loud at your mummified ghosts comment. that pic is true true. 🙂

  4. I’m feeling old…don’t know the cliff hangers song–so out of it! But I got the petrified ghosts–love them, as I always love your spectacular photographs. Many times you put me in mind of times and places in my past through your photos and your descriptions. Thank you. [I still think you should do coffee table books!]

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