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G is for Goal! and Goalie

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  Or not – we were really hoping to see one though, and there were so many close calls, but no lucky shots.  What am I talking about? Why soccer of course! Once again, Paul recieved free tickets to a Timbers soccer game in Portland. We had enough tickets for the entire family – plus a couple extra, so Paul and I get to go again for a date – woohoo! 🙂  We are not huge sports fans – ie. we would never by tickets for ourselves – just too spendy, but we love to attend when the oportunity presents itself. 

We had a grand time, the kids loved it and even Jacob enjoyed dancing around to all the music and drum banging.  We ate popcorn and squealed, screamed, and booed with the best of them.  The game ended with no goals on either side –  though our team was definitely trying – especially in the last half.  There were so many close shots, but none actually got through.  We got to see lots of players trampled though – and one guy on the other team went so far as hanging onto one of our players feet to keep him from going after the ball  – he got grilled on that though, thankgoodness. 🙂 It got rather ruthless towards the end, and was quite fun.

I have always had a soft spot in my stomach from soccer – oops sorry, I have always had a soft spot for soccer.  I never actually was able to play it on a team, but I sure enjoyed the sport.  I played it all the time as a kid with my brothers.  When it was raining we would take the soccer ball up into the hayloft and kick it around.  My bros would usually dub me the goalie – ie: Ball stopper.  I can’t count the times that they nailed me in the stomach and I laid on the floor trying to catch my breath afterwards – but hey, at least I stopped the ball! 🙂  Obviously, I didn’t mind to much because I kept playing. But now days, if any one mentions – “let’s play soccer!” I simply say, “only if I’m not the goalie” – especialy now – I don’t think junior needs any pre-season training. heh. 🙂

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