H is for Hip Hip Hip Hooray!

Encyclopedia of Me Meme 

What am I hooraying about? A few grand accomplishments of my charming children….


We have tried to get Elizabeth to learn to ride a bike without training wheels for years now.  She being our timid one, it has been an exceptional challenge.  Each session would end in tears for her and sheer frustration for whichever parent was trying to help her.  She was simply terrified of learning to ride a bike.  Finally we just gave up.  We had her bike out all summer – just in case she decided she wanted to learn to ride it.  She has been happy scootering around and riding her sister’s bike (with training wheels) all summer long.

Until we got home from Montana. Out of the blue she told me that she was trying to ride her bike last week. “That’s wonderful!” I said and left it at that.  I decided that if she wanted help, she’d ask for it. Well, yesterday I was laying down for a rest in the afternoon when I was stampeded by a herd of wild elephants – all right, well it was just Lizard and her two sisters, but that’s about the same. 🙂

“I did it! I did it, Mom! I rode all the way down to the corner and back on my bike!” She had transformed into a Mexican Jumping Bean in her excitement.

“Awesome!” I cried as I stampeded out with the kids to watch her ride her bike.  Sure enough she zipped down the sidewalk and back – gleaming with pride.

Elizabeth Without Training Wheels


This morning Dorothy decided, “If Lizard can ride a bike without training wheels, than I can too.” I got out my toolbox and popped those wheels off. Faster than a flash she had that bike down the driveway and was zipping down the sidewalk at a break-neck pace at first try. She just took off – she’s always been our daring one, so it fits that she is the fastest on her bike – and first time without the training wheels too. I stood in stunned silence as I watched her zip up and down the sidewalk. Makes me wish I had taken those wheels of ages ago. 🙂

Dot without Training Wheels


Well, if Elizabeth and Dorothy were going to ride their bikes like big kids, there was no way that Emily was about to be left out – after all she is a super big kindergartner this year. “Please take my wheels off too,” she begged.

“Sure, we’ll give it a try,” I replied and proceeded to dig into my toolbox again and release the training wheels with a thunk. It took her a bit longer than Dot trying to get the coordination and balance down – but by about an hour ago or so she was zipping along the sidewalk along side her sisters – grinning from ear to ear. I know she sure felt great being able to something that her big sister could do – and at a younger age! Go Emily. 🙂 All three girls are hoping to ride their bikes to school this year – *sigh* they grow up so fast.

Emily without training wheels


Jacob’s vocabulary has been literally exploding lately. He is talking SO much. It is adorable to hear him try to sing the songs his sisters sing – like the alphabet song. One of our favorite books, “Hand, Hand, Fingers. Thumb” has pictures of monkeys all through it. He will sit and reading the book, “Monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey.” He will tell us when he is worried with an, “I scare I scare” and repeat most words you ask him too. He will also let me know when his diaper is dirty by bringing me a diaper, wet wipes, and saying “I stinky. Pease.” The potty training is still rolling along – he’s gone stinky a couple times in the toilet, but still usually tells us AFTER rather than before. But any progress is good progress – and he is only 2 1/2 which is still early than any of my others have trained -so I am feeling great. He also dances to all kinds of music and claps along when it is something fun and up beat – He’ll even join in singing from time to time. It is such a joy to see him do so many incredible things when the docs were so worried about his development. He just keeps proving them wrong and beating the odds time and time again. Go Jacob!


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11 responses to “H is for Hip Hip Hip Hooray!

  1. Snoopy Dad

    I knew there was a reason I bought you your own tools last Christmas. (And no, it was not so that I could barrow them all the time since I can’t seem to get to mine :))

    That is exciting about all four kids. I can’t wait to get home and watch them.

  2. Hooray! You have a lot to celebrate — and you got great pics of the girls on their bikes 🙂

  3. Hooray for your bike riders! [training wheels are the invention of the devil!] I ride my bike everywhere and I love having the independence! I remember the day the training wheels came off–I was in kindergarden, too.

    Jacob training earlier than the girls?! Something backwards about that! Boys usually are later. His talking sounds so cute, tho. I love this age [perhaps that’s why I taught that age in both church nursery and later as a pre-school teacher.]

  4. **and note, please, that I’ve caught up–I’ll pop back in in a few days: ) love to the family**

  5. I broke my arm the first day I learned how to ride my bike with out training wheels. I rode down a hill to show off my new skilz to my best friend only I was going so fast that I did not make the turn onto her road and crashed. Good times!

    I am so envious of Jacob’s potty awareness. Evan is oblivious to the whole thing. He loves to watch me go potty and is fascinated by poop but will not tell me when he needs a diaper change. Plus we have the whole stroke thing to get over too which is why I am not pushing him at all. Sigh. It will be a grand day when I no longer have to change diapers.

  6. Hi Julia–I must say, I read your blog constantly, but you threw me for a loop on my caringbridge site, simply because I did not put it together about GoofyJ being Julia! I sat and wondered about it all day saying…now who was Julia??? Figuring I must have lost a link that I keep under my favorites and then it occurred to me–it was GoofyJ! Thank you for signing our guestbook and sharing your adventures with me! And sorry for my moment of confusion–I guess my lack of sleep is really catching up with me!

    Take care,

  7. To Awesome Mom:
    Who had the stroke??? My curiosity is because I had a beri anneurysm [similar to a stroke] at age 19.

  8. Hip hip hooray indeed!! Good for all of them on their accomplishments :)!

    My second son, Carson, had a similar experience with his bike. We tried and tried to help him learn to ride without training wheels. One day we were at my in-laws and his cousin (who is the same age as Carson .. and had been already riding solo for a while) was riding bikes with by boys. He started teasing Carson that he had a “baby bike”. Carson marched in the house and asked us to take off his training wheels and he took off, just like your girls. While I felt bad about him getting teased … I was glad he finally got determined enough to “just do it”!

  9. That is so great to read about your kiddies riding their bikes! How fun. Also fun to read about your little man’s progress in talking and in potty training. Yay….progress is so rewarding for us mommies!! Keep up the good work.

  10. mcinsane

    Congratulations to all your kids! How exciting to be able to ride bikes together with no training wheels involved!! Cute pics, too!

    Have a great end of the summer!

  11. Wow, look at them go! I am tempted to take Will’s training wheels off, just to see how he does.

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