I is for Iggy

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

I have always like lizards and snakes and other reptillian creatures. I was blessed with a mom who took zoology and other fascinating courses on her quest to becoming a teacher and had a knowledge and love for all sorts of things.  From as young as I can remember we were always catching frogs, snakes, chipmunks, squirrels, turtles, and anything else catchable.  We usually wouldn’t keep them too long, unless they were meant to be a pet.  We frequently had terraniums housing the latest purchased or caught lizard, snake, frog, or turtle. 

The one lizard that I always wanted was an iguana.  I loved iguanas.  One year my mom surprised me with a very small iguana – I believe I was in highschool.  We had a little terranium for him and I faithfully fed him.  It wasn’t long before my tiny iguana had outgrown is cage and my mom fashioned him a new one.  Then I was off to college and visits home were few and far between, but my parents took on the care of Iggy the Iguana and he grew and grew – and Mom kept building bigger cages.  He wasn’t tame anymore since I wasn’t around to handle him and I had to wear gloves to handle him.   He was strong enough to hurt a bit if he bit ya – and his claws were quite sharp too and he’d dig them into your skin when nervous and frightened.

Luckily Paul liked lizards as much as I did and it was decided that when we were married Iggy would move with us.  We didn’t realize that any kind of change in environment is tough on iguanas. And he died shortly after our move to Utah.  Poor Iggy – he was dearly loved, and I am sure that some day we will have another iguana, when I am not chasing 4+ slippery lizards of my own, heh. 🙂


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3 responses to “I is for Iggy

  1. We’re the same, we love reptiles! The one problem with reptiles is that their whole purpose in life is to get away from their owner. Although I guess that’s the same purpose my kids seem to have…

  2. Some critters just don’t move well. We had a couple of turtle while living in the South. Apparantly a male and a female [tho who was who, we didn’t know!] for we had eggs. The we moved –around the corner. Our eggs never hatched out, and upon enquiery, I learned it was due to the move. We returned them to the wild the next season, so no more eggs. At least turtles aren’t as fast as lizards [or kids!]

  3. My brother also had an Iggy the Iguana. If I do the alphabet meme (maybe next month) I could use him for ‘I’. I forget what killed the poor fella off, but he’s buried in my mom’s yard along with hamsters, gerbils, etc.

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