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N is for Needlework

Encyclopediea of Me Meme

Cross Stitch in Progress

I have always enjoyed needlework – particularly Cross Stitch.  I never quite caught on to embroidery. My sister Lisa was the first who taught me how to make the little tiny x’s on the fabric and to follow a simple pattern. I dabbled in it some off and on until I was in high school. My mom bought be a few books with Precious Moments designs in them. That is when I caught on cross-stitching fire. The designs were simple and easy to follow. I could complete one relatively quickly. I made little ones for Christmas ornaments and larger ones for family members to hang on the walls. I never kept any myself.

In college I began to tire of simple designs. I had seen cross-stitch pieces that looked like artwork and they had infused my brain. i had no idea just how challenging they were, but boy were they gorgeous. I got my first “real” cross-stitch design in college and began to work on it over many years – mainly because I was studdying, galavanting off to Japan, and serving a mission in Chile. It didn’t leave much time for stitching. I was still working on it when I became engaged to Paul. I decided that I wanted it to be my wedding present to him and started a cross-stitching frenzy. It was less than half finished, but by the time our wedding day approached I had completed my masterpiece. I had enjoyed every moment and it was truly like looking at a piece of art.

Dragon and Castle Cross Stitch

I have continued to cross stitch, but at a much slower pace. The following is one of my favorites that I have done since I married. It hangs in our front room as a reminder to us to kneel in family prayer.

Praying Hands Cross Stitch


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