N is for Needlework

Encyclopediea of Me Meme

Cross Stitch in Progress

I have always enjoyed needlework – particularly Cross Stitch.  I never quite caught on to embroidery. My sister Lisa was the first who taught me how to make the little tiny x’s on the fabric and to follow a simple pattern. I dabbled in it some off and on until I was in high school. My mom bought be a few books with Precious Moments designs in them. That is when I caught on cross-stitching fire. The designs were simple and easy to follow. I could complete one relatively quickly. I made little ones for Christmas ornaments and larger ones for family members to hang on the walls. I never kept any myself.

In college I began to tire of simple designs. I had seen cross-stitch pieces that looked like artwork and they had infused my brain. i had no idea just how challenging they were, but boy were they gorgeous. I got my first “real” cross-stitch design in college and began to work on it over many years – mainly because I was studdying, galavanting off to Japan, and serving a mission in Chile. It didn’t leave much time for stitching. I was still working on it when I became engaged to Paul. I decided that I wanted it to be my wedding present to him and started a cross-stitching frenzy. It was less than half finished, but by the time our wedding day approached I had completed my masterpiece. I had enjoyed every moment and it was truly like looking at a piece of art.

Dragon and Castle Cross Stitch

I have continued to cross stitch, but at a much slower pace. The following is one of my favorites that I have done since I married. It hangs in our front room as a reminder to us to kneel in family prayer.

Praying Hands Cross Stitch


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7 responses to “N is for Needlework

  1. Those are beautiful! I still have my wedding sampler to finish that I started before we got married six years ago. I really need to get back in the groove.

  2. You are very talented. I haven’t done cross-stitch in a very very long time. I certainly have never done anything as elaborate as yours. Wow!

    Thanks 🙂 They are more time consuming than anything else – though the hands one was tough becuase of the similarity in color and I was working out of a magazine and the pattern was printed in color which was really annoying. 🙂

  3. That is so cool! I have another castle from the same collection as the dragon one! It took me less than a year to complete, but that was before kids and we had a 3 hour drive to work once a week so I’d work on it while Nathan drove. I would LOVE to cross stitch another intricate one like that castle but wow, I lack that kind of time and I’m sure with kids “helping” all the colors would get all messed up! I definitely miss cross stitching!

  4. Beautiful work! I could never get into cross stiching because counting is involved, and I do needlework in front of the TV. That way I can watch TV and still accomplish something! But I learned to embroider as a child. As an adult I learned how to do needlepoint. What I started on was very easy, but I need to do the hard stuff now–I need to redo the antique rocking chair seat that belongs to Sariah–and to which she may claim at any time since it became hers once Aiden was born! Thanks…you’ve turned on my guilt button!!

    But gosh that dragon is something! Is there anything you can’t do?

    Thanks 🙂 I do my needle work in fron of the TV too, but I make sure it is stuff I have seen before. 🙂 And there is tons of stuff I can’t do – embroidery for one. 🙂 And the list could go on and on…

  5. I did a bit of cross stitching in high school. I enjoyed it. I found one in a box from my high school stuff a few years ago. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to finish it. The castle and dragon one is amazing!

    My MIL did a cross stitch for us when we were married. It’s beautiful. It has our names and our wedding date on it. She has many more in her house that are just beautiful.

  6. Beautiful needlework! I’ve done a lot of needlework in the past so I know how much work went into yours. They are awesome! I did “woman in prayer” for my mom and she did one for me. I love mine because I know that my mom made it especially for me.

  7. Nicole

    I love cross stitching and I have a question for you. I just finished a very elaborate wizard design complete with dragon and lightning staff so I know how time consuming they are, but how rewarding looking at them later can be. Now that praying hands, I have been trying to find a pattern for it because I want to design a piece for a friend who is in AA and is recovering from severe addictions. He has turned to prayer and especially the serenity prayer is very important to him. Any idea where I might be able to find a pattern? I’ve been looking everywhere but I can’t find one that isn’t computer generated, as it is a bit difficult to add backstitching and such for the full effect as they are not as detailed. Any ideas?

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