Well we had our big ultrasound today and the results were very good.  They didn’t see anything wrong so we were very relieved and of course always excited to see baby.  They checked the heart and other things very thoroughly and listened quite a bit to the heart beat.  All sounded and looked good.  They even gave us four pics! Usually we only get two :). I’m posting my favorite.  Oh, and we were good and didn’t find out the sex of the baby – I know at least half of you are probably groaning in disappointment. 🙂

I am really feeling the little guy (I hate calling a baby it, so we always choose the pro-noun “he” figuring that a girl would be less offended at being called a boy than vice versa. It’s not a hint, as we honestly don’t know) moving around now – Paul can even feel him kicking, especially at night. I believe I am 21 weeks.

So, here is a first picture of Baby Junior #5 who might turn out to be Heidi Jane or James Lamoreaux (A French Name, if pronunciation escapes you – other boy possibilities are Christopher James or Christopher Lamoreaux).

Baby Profile


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16 responses to “Ultrasound

  1. sonshine1296

    Its amazing you guys have the self control not to find out the sex of the baby. I just don’t know if I could be so patient! Of course, I am still waiting for my first positive preg. test. So, I guess I won’t know for sure until I am in that position! I love the ultrsound picture. So amazing!

  2. You have a very cute gray blobby looking baby! lol I can’t stand not knowing the sex of the baby, but I guess since you have both and clothing for both it is not as big of a deal.

  3. Horray! #5 looks healthy and fun!
    I love the names (especially Jane and James) and they’ll fit well with your other children.

    Only 21 weeks? How will we survive another 19 weeks before we can see real pictures of that cutie?

  4. knittingnoob

    That’s a fantastic photo, it sure came out well. You can really tell what the face looks like! I hope the next few months go by swiftly for you.

  5. Oh I am guessing another boy!!!

  6. mcinsane

    YAY for healthy babies! I wish you and Paul the very best! I love babies! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

  7. How exciting!! A picture, yay (it is so clear!) !! I was one of those groaning a bit from no news of boy/girl news. Good for you for being so patient. I don’t know if I could do that, knowing that the answer is right there in front of you. We had no choice, as our hospital will not tell you the gender at all 😦 . Glad to hear all is well with baby#5 and he/she is healthy & growing :).

  8. Count me in with the goaners!!! But that pic is so great — he/she is beautiful!!!

  9. Great photo! Jacob is going to be so excited to have another sister! (I generally think that people are having the opposite of what they actually have and I think Jacob would love another brother so my vote is that its a girl!) 😀

  10. Wow! The clarity is amazing–if I figure it out, I’ll send or post my very early Sonagram of Lura–very early because it was relatively new and not usually done. Mine was done to try to figure out a due date as I was still nursing big bro and went in to get a negative pregnancy test [but I KNEW I was pg–as I was] and continued to have negative tests until I was 6 mo along! The tests are different now, too. Just amazing!

    As a first grade teacher I advise you to go with James L. until he learns to read well enough. Heidi is hard enough! [“When 2 vowels go walking the first one does the talking” is reversed in German!] 🙂

  11. Deb

    He/she’s precious!

  12. That’s a terrific ultrasound picture. Will’s were gorgeous, the girls hardly could tell what you were looking at.

    I forgot that you didn’t find out with any of your other pregnancies what you were happening.

  13. What a clear picture they got of the little ‘guy’. I am glad it was all good news! 🙂 Hope you get kicked lots! That was/is the most amazing feeling in the world!


  14. Just popping by to say hello and that I’m reading. (Catching up with everybody is a bit overwhelming right now.) What a great ultrasound picture.

  15. Kellie

    I’m so thrilled that baby is healthy. You didn’t put much in your post about it but I’m sure its a huge relief. 🙂 Congrats!!! A very good Ultrasound pic. Wow!

  16. Congratulations! I’m sorry I haven’t visited your blog in awhile. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other things (my daughter’s health). I know you understand.

    I appreciate your friendship so much. By the way, did you write the story in spanish under your “L” post? I could understand it. The only thing I saw wrong was that instead of “mi” you wrote “me”. LOL! I responded in spanish and I know I made so many more mistakes than that! It’s been ages since I’ve had to write anything in spanish.


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