O is for Oven

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 I’m not sure how wide spread Papa Murphy’s Pizza is, but it is our favorite pizza ever. They do take and bake pizzas and they are amazing. I think the thing I like best is that I can yank it out fresh and hot from the oven and just serve it up and eat it right then. No waiting involved – other than cook time that is. 🙂  Our favorite is a Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza – it has a bottom crust then loads of suasage, peperoni, cheese, olives, you name it – yummy stuff, then a top crust, and finally topped off with a thin layer of sauce, a bit of cheese and green onions sprinkle on top.  It is GOOD.

On Tuesday I recieved a phone call from a good friend. She needed to take her teenage son in for stitches in his leg. She had three day care kids in her home and asked if I could bring my crew over to keep an eye on them for half an hour or so until they were picked up.  I knew them and I knew their parents – so the parents were fine with my coming to watch them.  I agreed, but the only problem was dinner. It was nearly five and I had just finished teaching piano and was about to start on dinner. Now I would have no time to do dinner – and Paul and I had our dance class at 7:30.

So we did what everyone pizza loving family would do and ordered a Chicago style pizza.  By the time I was done watching the extra kids Paul had arrived home, picked up the pizza and popped it in the oven to cook.  So when the kids and I all arrived home we were greeted with the delicious smell of baking pizza.

The timer beeped and I took our pizza board and went to slide it under the pizza to lift it from the baking tray – we like to take it off the tray and crisp the crust just a bit before eating it.  My pizza board, however, met with some opposition as I looked with surprise and saw that the bottom crust wasn’t quite cooked.  I was quite surprised and rationalized that Paul must not have let the oven pre-heat all the way.  I cooked the pizza for another five minutes – but the damage was done as it appeared that the bottom was falling out of the pizza. 

We decided to leave it as is – as the top of the pizza was nearly over done, there was no way the bottom wouldn’t be – I must have accidently broken the crust with board and caused it to fall out a bit.  I plopped it on the table as all the kids scrambled around – drooling over this treasured treat.  Honestly, I was drooling too. 🙂  I cut the pizza and began to serve the  first few pieces. As I pulled a pizza out from the whole pizza the bottom crust would string itself out like cheese.

“Paul, look at this – it looks like the bottom is almost raw still!” (We had cooked the pizza for close to 30 minutes now – stuffed pizzas take a bit longer to cook than regular ones)

Paul looked at me rather perplexed and walked over to our oven.  He let his hand hover over the top element which felt blazing hot. Then he let his hand hover over the bottom element – then he touched the bottom element.  There-in lay the problem, the baking element of the oven was out. No wonder we only had a half-baked pizza.

It was now nearly time for me to pick up our sitter and for us to go to our dance class.  We instructed the kids just to eat the top of the pizza and not the bottom crust.  Paul and I took off half starving and mourning over our sad pizza.  At dance we had a brilliant idea.

When we arrived home Paul flipped the remainder of the pizza over and popped it back in the oven.  With the bottom side up the broiler element did it’s job and cooked it nicely.  Now that is what I call a crispy crusted pizza. 🙂

So, now we have a new element, but one of the wires it attaches to looks a bit blackened, so I am still ovenless until Paul has a chance to ask our electrician friend if it is safe or not.  I sure hope so – there is no way we can buy a new oven now.  You never realize how much you use your oven until you have to live without it for a few days. *Sigh*

But now we can really say that we are only half baked in our house.  hee hee 🙂


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7 responses to “O is for Oven

  1. Half-baked. Hee hee. That’s pretty funny! 🙂

    I swear I must be the only person on the planet who doesn’t like Papa Murphy’s. I mean, I’ll eat it (It’s been given to us as meals after having babies and such), but I just don’t like it. I don’t like their cheese combinations and everything seems extra greasy to me. The kind of pizza I love is Little Ceasar’s Hot-n-Ready. I love that I can walk in, get a pizza for 5 bucks, and dinner is ready! It’s awesome!

    We had our bottom element go out in our oven in Preston. We called the landlord, thinking we’d get a replacement part. Instead he ended up bringing us a *brand* *new* oven! It was so awesome! But yeah, it sucked being ovenless until we got the new one.

  2. I am so glad that you were able to save the glorious concoction that is a Pappa Murphy’s. Our personal favorite is a regular pepperoni pizza but with the white sauce that they usually reserve for their chicken pizza’s. mmmmmmmmm. Can you say, garlic alfredo pizza?! Now I have to get one. Somehow. Urg, the closest one is an hour away, what is a gal to do?!

  3. I haven’t had or seen a Papa Murphey’s pizza outside of Rexburg. I loved getting it covered in veggies (am I a nerd or what?!) and paying less because I cooked it myself. (Again, am I a nerd or what?!)

    But I also have to agree with Sariah that the Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready is a beautiful thing. If only the ones near us weren’t working on a cash-only system as we never carry cash.

    Okay, thanks a lot, girls. Now I’m dying for pizza for supper. Casserole leftovers just don’t sound nearly as tantalizing. Darn you all!

  4. Such a funny story. We Love Papa Murphy’s in Louisville KY too! I thought for sure your pizza story was going to end like mine. Last week Evan begged to help with dinner and we were so busy that day (getting ready to move, YIPEE) so I had planned popping a frozen pizza into the oven and got the cookie sheet out and got the pizza out of the box and told Evan he could help me slide it onto the sheet. I baked it for the specified time and got it out and cut it and had trouble moving it to the plates and realized we had left the cardboard on the bottom!!!! At least it didn’t catch fire but, we too could only eat the top!

  5. I, too, was expecting Sarah’s ending, having had that happen with more than one child. But your solution was brilliant!

    When Sariah was an infant [or perhaps before she was actually born] I went for five l o o o ng months without an oven. After hurricane Isabelle hit Richmond I used my outdoor grill with the lid on as an oven for bread. Amazing how creative one can get without electricity for a week.

    If I’m ordering pizza, I want it to arrive ready to eat! Avoid Donatos in OH! It is terrible–or at least it is simply not pizza. We tried another in our neighborhood–and crossed it off the list. At least with Dominoes or Pizza Hut, we know what we’re getting!

    But if you’re ever in Richmond, VA go to Bottoms Up Pizza in Shockoe Bottom–extraordinary!

  6. Papa Murphy’s is the best. We love the stuffed crust but are often frustrated the the top part is always a little doughy. I haven’t lived without an oven but did live for two weeks without a fridge! That was insane.

  7. bag

    I also hate how the Chicago Stuffed is ALWAYS doughy in the center, even baking at the max time.

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