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Q is for Quiet

Encyclopedia of Me Meme 

 Which seldom happens around this house.  Not silence mind you – silence is heavy and can be lonely, but quiet is blissful.  In the quiet you can hear so much more and better.  I can hear the click of the keys as I type on my computer. The distant sound of a neighbor’s lawnmower.  The giggles and squeals of the kids as they play in the yard.  My daughter reading to herself in the distant bedroom.  These sounds are quiet.

My quiet is interrupted when the sounds turn harsh and mean – but for now all is calm and all is quiet and I just lean my head back and enjoy listening to the wind as it rustles the trees outside the window and Elizabeth’s pencil as she scratches away at the poster she is working on.

My quiet never lasts very long, so it must be enjoyed in the few precious moments that are granted.

A respite for the frazled soul to calm the nerves and to remember that while life has its chaotic and crazy moments, its temper tantrums and stress, it also has many wonderful happy moments – sometimes we just need to look for them harder than others.


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