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R is for Random

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Ok, I know that it is not a very original idea for the letter “R” but as I haven’t had a chance to blog for some time I have a number of little random things to mention – most all to small for regular sized posts.

We have given up on dial-up which is the main reason behind my absence – internet troubles with dial-up connection troubles with DSL – I think we finally have it all figured out.


One morning Emily and Dorothy were fighting and screaming at each other as they got ready to ride their bikes to school.  I sent them into their room, telling them they would stay there until they decided they could get along no matter how long they took and how much school they missed.  Of course they were ticked at me, but they resolved their problems rather quickly, and were ready to go a little while later – and thankfully would only be a few minutes late.  As they got on their bikes I told them to stick together like glue and to be nice.

Apparently Dorothy took me quite seriously.  A friend happened upon them near the school where Emily stood in tears as Dorothy tried desperately to unlock her bike chain. She had taken the chain and locked the two bikes together in an attempt to remain close to her sister.  My friend reported that “you could see the gears turning in Dorothy’s head, something just isn’t working right here.”

I’ve really got to watch what I say to that girl. 🙂


I took Jacob and another little boy to the park the other day.  As we walked along the sidewalk  the little boy looked up at me and asked, “why is side’s last name walk?”


After reading an article in this month’s “Ensign” about humor in the home Paul decided to follow the author’s lead and has adopted his grand announcement as he walks in the front door. “Hello all you lucky people, I’m home!”  He bellows it at the top of his lungs while 8 little pairs of stampeding feet tackle him in the front room.  It is really a pleasure to see and has made a huge difference in our home.  It seems that everyone is just a little bit happier and the evenings flow just a bit more smoothly. Not perfectly mind you, a better. 🙂


In the space of about 5 minutes Jacob managed to knock down the gate to the kitchen, dump out almost all of the garlic, in one of those big plastic bulk containers, emptied and most likely ate an entire shaker’s worth of salt.  Then at lunch he unbuckled himself, got a hold of the Parmesan cheese, re-buckled himself and proceeded to dump all of the Parmesan cheese (the container was almost completely full) all over the place. He looked like a little ghost sitting oh so innocently in his chair at the table (I was gone for a minute to use the bathroom). It took me a while to figure out how on earth he had managed to get the Parmesan.

Aside from his little 2-year fingers getting into anything and everything know matter how impossible it seems to you, he manages to worm his way into everybody’s heart with his sweet little smiles, hugs, and kisses. 🙂 He is a little parrot and mimics everything we and his sisters say.

His favorite is a little game the girls like to play. They circle their fingers in front of your face and say “lolli lolli lolli – POP!” and then clap the hands.  Usually the person blinks and so they follow it up with, “You blinked!”  So, Jacob’s version of this is to wave his hands saying “Ollie ollie ollie – pop pop pop pop pop” while hopping up and down clapping his hands. Then he points, grins his dimply cheesy grin and says, “You bink!” 

What can I say, I have the most adorable kids in the universe. 🙂


I had a prental today and everything is going well with little Junior and it was fun to listen to his (or her) little heart beating away. Plus, it was especially nice to have some mommy alone time.


Cooler weather has set in and as I went through Jacob’s dresser I realized that I had no pants that would stay on his body – plenty his size but the waist is always to large and the poor kid has to run around holding up his pants.  So, I went on a jeans (thank goodness for adjustable waistbands) or overalls hunt.  I went to Fred Meyer because it was in town and sometimes they have good sales. They had no overalls above 2T and the only adjustable waist jeans were $26!  I but myself a pair of maternity jeans not on sale at Motherhood of all places (and plus size at that) for $22 – I refuse to pay more for my toddler who takes maybe a quarter of the material – that is just wrong.  So I went on to Target and found a pair of overalls and a pair of adjustable waist jeans at reasonable prices – which is great so now he at least has something besides shorts to wear (brrrr). 🙂

I think that is it for all the random things I can remember. I know there were other things I had originally wanted to write about, but I forgot to jot them down and consequently have no idea what they are.  Blame it on pregnancy brain :).


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