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S is for Shoes

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

Growing up things were always rather tight and shoes were merely a utilitarian item.  A standard pair of tennis, boots for winter, sandals for summer, and a shiny black pair for Sundays – I think as I got older I switched to white.  We wore them until they pinched our feet terribly or they were falling apart before we would obtain new shoes.  Actually whenever possible I would just run around barefoot.  And of course we had our typical pair of slippers as well.  I never really got much into shoes and all the way through college I had my usual four pairs of shoes – though by that point I had at least added a pair of white dress shoes and maybe even a pair of brown. I never quite understood what was so exciting about shoes for some people.  I had room mates who had probably 20 pairs of shoes and the reason why was beyond me.

Since that point, mainly due to discovering an extremely close friend who is very girly – a complete opposite to my tomboy ways, I have begun to discover the cuteness of shoes.  I definitely don’t have 20 pairs of shoes but I have dress shoes and casual shoes, tennis shoes, and a few different pairs of sandals.  I even have Navy colored dress shoes. (everyone say oooohhh now).   I actually have cute shoes too! 🙂

Now, where is all this leading you might ask? Well, it is leading to a very cute little story that happened yesterday.


Lately, being pregnant and all, my black shoes have become my staple and I  have been keeping them on the shoe rack in the front room.  I was teaching a piano lesson to one of my high schoolers and we were joking and laughing around as usual.  I had one foot on the ground with my other leg crossed – the ankle of my right foot resting just above my knee on my left.  Often when I teach I choose this position as it makes a broader area to write assignments in their notebook. 

Jacob wandered in and grabbed my casual, though still dressy, black shoes and stuck them on his feet.  I love watching my kids clomp around in my shoes – it has to be one of the most adorable things ever.  After he had my shoes secured on his feet he grabbed my black dress shoes and brought them over to me. He set them down and went to grab one of my feet to stick in the shoe. He stopped and stared at me with the strangest expression on his face – one of complete and utter confusement.  He looked at my face, puzzled, and then back down.  It took me a moment to realize what he was so confused about, but when I did I smothered giggles and said pointedly, to let my student in on the joke, “Where did it go Jacob? Where did my leg go?” 

A search then ensued. Jacob began looking all around for my missing leg. He peered under the piano bench and saw that my student only had two legs, so they must be hers, he peered under the rocking chair. He turned, looking all the room, while raising his hands int the “Where did it go?” gesture.  I believe he even asked a few times, “where go?”  He was completely confused as to how I had managed to loose one of my legs.  My student and I by this time were in fits of  laughter.

Finally I moved my students notebook off my lap to reveal my missing leg.  “Look, Jacob,” I said while wiggling my foot, still resting on the opposite knee.  A look of pure joy lit up Jacob’s little face, “There is!” he hollered.  He then grabbed my foot and shoved it into my shoe, clomped to the door and said, “ok, lets go.”


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