T is for Ten Tiny Toes and other Things

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

T is for Ten Tiny Toes

Piggy Wiggles
by J.H. Schmidt
(A Pleiadic Poem)

They peek above the bubbles, the ten pink
Piggy toes, and salute me with a wink.

They peek above to see me creeping near
And quickly duck below in yearning fear,

Enshrouded by the bubbles. The bright eyes
Full of giggles, beckon me to devise

A crafty plan to capture those ten pink
Piglets. Stealthy, I creep up to the brink

And wait. A spy rises from the foam, then
Piggy toes and foot, a setting hen.

My fingers fly and the toesies wiggle,
Sparkling eyes salute me with giggles.

Away from my tickles they do not shrink,
But relish imprisonment with a wink.


T is for Talent

Of course as a parent I say, “My kids are loaded with it,” and they really are. They have also sorts of talents. One talent that appears very prominently among all the children is music.  Maybe it’s that Paul and I are so wrapped up in music with our family jam sessions, etc. Or maybe they were just born with it.  All three girls are learning to play piano and doing wonderfully.  Each has chosen a second instrument that they want to play someday.  Each instrument matches their personalities too, which cracks me up.  Elizabeth has declared that she would like to learn to play Flute, Dorothy the Trumpet, and Emily the French Horn.  Jacob? Well, Jacob might end up being a percussionist.

The other day I walked  into the living room to find that he had taken all of our rhythm instruments – drums, chimes, the works, and had line them up in a row on the couch. With a mallet in each hand he was fiercely playing away across all the different instruments.  He looked like a miniature percussionist in a symphony. 🙂 

One other funny thing:  We were driving to a neighboring town and, as usual, I had the radio on.  It was just me, Emily and Jacob in the car.  Things were rather quiet (aside from the music) and Jacob fell asleep. At one point I turned in my seat sneak a quick look at him while I was driving. His eyes were closed, his head slumped in slumber, and yet his little foot was ticking away with the beat. 

Dorothy is our little singer – she takes singing very seriously and has developed a bit of vibrato even.  I wish I knew more about singing so I could help her better her voice.

Elizabeth is a little composer of songs.  At any given moment we can find her singing at the top of her lungs, some nutty song she has made up about whatever it is she is doing (hmmmm…I don’t know where she would have got that one from).

And Emily, liking anything and everything about music, just does it all. 🙂

Yes, I am proud of my kids and there many talents. 🙂


T is for Toddlers in Trouble

Which is what my son is right now, as I have just heard him playing in the bathroom – hopefully he is not drinking out of the toilet again…

 He jumped and ran as soon as I got back there – little squirt.

As Jacob’s middle name is Paul I also like to modify the “Music Man Song” (it can apply for my hubby Paul at times too) – “We’ve got trouble, right here in River City. Trouble with a capitol T that rhymes with P that stands for PAUL!”  Hee hee. 🙂


T is for Tender Hugs and Kisses

Everyone needs them and my kids give them freely – I love my kids sloppy kisses and tackling hugs.


T is for Time

Which there is never enough of and always passes too quickly.  How fast the little ones grow and how long it takes us to learn to stop what we are doing and enjoy them.


T is for Trip and Travel

Did you know that ever since I was a little tyke I have been a world traveler? Every time I would trip and fall my Dad would announce, “And there she goes for another trip around the world!”  heh – I loved it. 🙂


T is for Tempted

I am tempted to keep this post going as long as possible to avoid cleaning the house – wouldn’t you be? 😉


T is for Terminated

Which means that this post has come to an end – and it’s off to work I go. 🙂


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9 responses to “T is for Ten Tiny Toes and other Things

  1. Aww that is so precious!!! Happy T’s!!

  2. Deb

    Cute poem! The toilet has my preschooler’s interest as well. Hehe.

    My mom was a singer and really pushed me (when I was little) to take an interest in music. I’m glad she did. My youngest is showing an interest in it now, so the other I went out and bought him a small electric drum. Now as he pounds away on it (day and night) I wonder what I was thinking. :o)

    Think I could substitute the drumsticks for a couple pieces of angel hair pasta? LOL

  3. mcinsane

    T is for Too Cute! You have such a way about your writing! I love it! Your family sounds T for Terrific! I’m glad you are so happy! Keep it up!

  4. My kids just make noise, not music. Sigh!

  5. I’m cracking up about the “Music Man Song” – my hubby tells me all the time that I live in a “Sound of Music” world b/c I sing things I do and sing things instead of talking – it takes a music person to understand.

  6. I was catching up on a few of your latest posts. I’ve not been on the computer much in the past few months. I laughed out loud, so hard, about the diaper/stroganoff disaster! Oh my goodness!!!

  7. Your poem was really sweet.

    Jacob is the drummer? Well, now he’s my favourite.

  8. I just realized I haven’t commented since ‘O is for Oven’, wish I had a good excuse but I don’t. 😦

    You had a lot of topics for T, all very cute. You’re so creative for coming up with these.

  9. Now, how is anyone else to come up with a decent topic for T?

    Actually, I enjoyed it all. I’m being brief ’cause I’m sick, and ready to return to bed.

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