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U is for Utter Momness

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

Ok, so U was a tough one to come up with.  That is, until my mother sent me this absolutely hillarious link.  After I managed to control my constant laughter (nearly peed my pants, but being pregnant, that isn’t too dificult).  🙂 Heh, ah the joys of motherhood.    I love being a mom and I love my 41/2 kids – sure I get frustrated sometimes and wonder what sane person (obviously I’m not sane) would have a child, let alone 4 or 5 of them, but then all the good times remind me that I love being who I am and I would choose everytime to have all these gorgeous little creatures.  That being said, I totally feel like the lady in the clip below, I think every mom will be able to relate in some way. So, sit back and enjoy some Utter Momness. 🙂


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