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W is for White Wash

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I loved Tom Sawyer as a kid, it has been such a long time since I have enjoyed his adventures. One of my favorite stories from Tom Sawyer was the white washing the fence story. 

Even though I enjoyed the story, I did not find white washing to be the funnest thing to do.  Of course, it was a lot better than picking rocks out of a garden that was at least an acre in size.  From time to time it would be time to white wash certain buildings on the farm so they wouldn’t look quite as dingy as before.  If anyone is uncertain about the technique of white washing, it is the same as painting, except the white paint is watered down to stretch further and not go on as thick.  There were times when we loved it though. 

There was a little one room building on the farm down by the barn that had housed geese, I think, at one point.  There were scraps of lumber strewn haphazardly across the rafter beams with rolls of chicken wire on top of them.  The little building wasn’t used for much, from time to time we used it for a club house, or a secret meeting place.  One day I pleaded with my parents to let me clean it and turn it into a play house.

I was delighted when they agreed and set to cleaning away all the goose droppings and scrubbing down the walls.  They even allotted me some paint to white wash the walls with.  There were glass-less windows that I hung some material over and got permission to move the little white wood stove and fridge that my mom had built into to building.  I accrued a small table, a cradle for a baby doll, and some other miscellaneous furniture.  I vaguely remember being allowed to put in an old bench, where the bench part was a little bookcase, with a large back going up.  I think my mom may have painted it cut it into the shape of a cat or something – in the Richard Scary style.  It is hard to remember if such a thing exists, or if I just dreamed it up.  There might have even been some kind of bed in there at one point – the memories fade after time.

Anyway, I loved that little cottage and played there for hours – when I wasn’t busy fighting off the monsters with my brothers, hanging out of tress, jumping into manure piles, or going scampering about the rafters of the corn crib.

So, the word ‘White wash’ carries a few endearing memories for me.  What sparked these memories?  Last weekend we were driving out to Tillamook when I saw this, and it reminded me to an extent of the old days.  Of course I made Paul stop so I could get out and take a photo.  I think it might just become the wall paper on my laptop. 🙂

Old barn

Here is a close-up of the barn, though I think I like the first photo better – something about that mist and the surrounding autumn feel.

Old Barn Close-up

I’d say that barn needed a good whitewash, but it would spoil its charm. 😀


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V is for Vanish

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

My memory has vanished, gone, never to be seen again.  You can blame it on the pregnancy, but I think it is seeking a tropical island to cruise to.  I’m not saying I forget something from time to time but I can’t hold a single thought in my head for longer than two seconds.  I’ll remember something in the morning that needs to be done, or a child needs to be taken to, and by afternoon I will have completely forgotten.

Why blog about a vanished brain?  Well, perhaps to vent a bit. See, I feel horrible and like I am letting my everyone down, worst of all my children.  For the second time this month I forgot about taking Elizabeth to a church activity that was really important to her.  I feel like a heel.  I keep forgetting about the meetings I have to practice with the three ladies I am accompanying for a musical number at church.  They call to remind me at the time I should have been there, but then I end up keeping them waiting for 10-20 minutes while I try to find my keys, my shoes, shake of the children, and drive to the church to practice. 

I will have a thought that I should stop and visit someone, or take cookies to them. It doesn’t get acted upon because I FORGET. Grrrr.  Emily hasn’t had a play-date for two weeks because I keep forgetting to set one up.  It is so frustrating, and I feel so terrible. It doesn’t matter how many times I write it down – I’ll forget shortly after reading it.  I have turned into one of the characteristics that I despise the most: an unreliable flake.

On the upside, I have at least remembered Liz’s dentist appointment, and the kids picture appointments at Wal-Mart (so much cheaper than school pics – rather than $25 minimum for a dinky package, I get a huge package for $6 – can’t beat that, and they do a decent job too).

 So, with my vanished brain, comes vanished keys, vanished shoes, vanished purse.  Thankfully now vanished kids yet – I haven’t set them down and forgotten where I put them as of yet. heh 🙂  Thank goodness for a sweet husband who helps keep track of my schedule, reminds me of when events are, and can tell me without batting an eye where I last set down whatever it is I am looking for.

I’d like to say that I misplaced my computer for an excuse as to why I have been so neglect in writing – and reading – or that I keep forgetting 😉  but I have been busy, and honestly not in the mood.  Maybe it’s just that I have a hard time thinking of something to write about when what is left of my brain is so busy trying to remember what I have forgotten. 🙂  hee hee. 

Anyway, bring on the vanishing memory and brain jokes – I need a laugh, even if it is at my own expense!  😀


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